Time To CrossOver: To Him Who Overcomes

December 24, 2022

Gina Guy-WARren

I posted this word on my telegram but felt prompted to post it on our website

During time in His presence I heard how very weary many of you are…

The Fathers words I heard this morning for you “You’re literally ready to crossover.” This is the time fatigue sets in. When an athlete or WARRIOR  is about to crossover the finish line, last repetition, final lap or final round, the body wants to give in due to fatigue 

( extreme tiredness, resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness) 

However the (ATHLETE OR WARRIOR) has trained all their life for this moment.

 “Tell my people they have what it takes to crossover! I’ve equipped them even in the supernatural. There’s help they cannot see with their eyes. Those who have trained their minds to overcome will crossover. The battle you face and HAVE BEEN FACING is in its final round. Hold on! Be strong. I will not fail you. A time of RUNNING WITH REST IS NEAR. Your land of crossover will not be a sedentary time, but much activity. Fatigue will not come with you. Mentally and physically you will be ready. Rest will be your portion, while you’re busy about My Father’s Business.”  – Jesus

I think it’s imperative to understand the Lord is clear that it’s our own minds that can keep us from victory, not to mention our physical bodies. Running with rest literally means the season ahead will be very active and require stamina as well as endurance. Obviously this will be to varying degrees. You will be required to run the race He assigned you. Not everyone’s assignment is the same. Just as in the military, each one will be required to physically exert themselves differently, so it is with the church.  What He is calling some of you to do will require great discipline so you can be ‘up for the task(s) head.’ However, we will all be required to train our minds.  Only those who have trained their thoughts and minds will overcome. In the book of Revelation, John addresses the 7 churches. Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea and there is one truth he’s very specific about for each church.  “To him who overcomes” is a repeated truth given to each of the 7 churches. ( I will teach further on the instructions given to each of the churches and how that is applicable to us, the church,  during our Sunday Interactive church. This is why we teach as if you’re in bootcamp, not on a playground. Recess is over).

Everyone will crossover if they train their minds and obtaining victory will most certainly require us to train our minds in order to remain steadfast in our new land. When our thoughts are not on His word, His plan or His voice, our minds will not be disciplined. When our minds are on binge watching TELL A VISION, social media and all things distracting, we will have atrophied minds. ( Gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.) Mental toughness will be needed in this hour. President Trump certainly was and is an example of mental toughness. If you can’t handle ridicule and judgments of man, you will be the first to be taken out. PERIOD.  However, as the word of the Lord declares, and is biblical as read in Revelation, everyone will crossover, however, not everyone will overcome. It’s my prayer there are real leaders around the world taking the time to teach the body of Christ real discipline, (not legalistic), real focus both mentally and physically, so when the body of Christ does crossover, you will be an overcomer. Even to the end! These will be the ones carrying real authority over the nations, not just their neighborhoods! Revelation 2:26 “To him who overcomes, and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations-

Atrophy has attacked the body of Christ both physically and mentally. The only way to strengthen atrophied bodies and minds is to WORK them. Truth in this hour is quite the crossfit trainer’s weights. We love truth, we love disciples, and most of all, we love to see others overcome. 


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  1. Awesome Word, The Real WARRIORS out There will appreciate this one! ☝️

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