“ The LORD is a man of war; the LORD is His name.” Exodus 15:3

Restoring The Rising Remnant

Pastors Brian and Gina Guy-Warren of Truth N Love Ministries. Gina is a passionate speaker with her own unique style and has authored two books. Brian Warren is a 2x MMA Fight Champion with over 60 professional fights, and together they defend, mobilize, train, and equip those who have been hurt by life and religion. The WARren’s began broadcasting in 2014 through radio and television with their unique style, combining both humor and truth. They became known as the “power couple,” inspiring many through their unique love story and marriage. Gina is a confidant and counselor to leaders and those active or retired in our military who suffer privately with PTSD, addiction, and mental health issues. They both work in Dignitary Executive Protection  to high-profile clients, Intel, and anti human sex-trafficking. Brian and Gina also incorporate The Word and the Workout, a unique fitness ministry bringing the church and gym together as one. Their Interactive Church, “Speaking TruthNLove With The WARren’s” is offered via zoom “Where your Voice is heard, Needs are met, Trust is Earned and Families United.” Brian and Gina currently reside in Florida. This power couple is outside of the corporate church box.  Whitehouse-Courthouse-ChurchHouse. The WARren’s are warriors operating at all 3 levels. God is cleaning all 3 houses.

  Rescue Or Intervention

        El Roi: “The God who sees me.”

Psalm 74:12-14

He will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in his sight.


 Pastors Brian & Gina Guy-Warren

The Warren’s are available to travel to your location for Rescue or Intervention. Families are in great need at this hour. You may be facing a suicidal family member, addiction, your children being groomed or whatever the circumstances may be, there’s help! Together, the Warren’s  work in Dignitary Executive Protection as well as Gina is a  trauma counselor. Gina has over 15 years of experience traveling to families for various life-coaching or life-threatening issues. Brian and Gina are frontline, ordained ministers willing to do whatever it takes to save your families. When your local church has done all they can, Brian & Gina will be your last line of defense against the enemy’s assault on your families. They incorporate various calls to action upon arrival.  From counseling, prayer and personal fitness workouts to food preparation. Each family is different and the needs will vary. Contact them for further information.  

My daughter struggles with lifelong pain that led her down the path of antidepressants and medical marijuana. As a mom, I searched endlessly for doctors to find a cure for my daughter’s pain. I took her to pastors, prayer rooms and I myself prayed endlessly for her healing. Always a dead end…no answers or help.

While she was in college, I was able to connect Pastor Gina and my daughter via zoom for counseling. (since they were thousands of miles apart)  Instantly they hit it off and immediately she was able to get off the prescription drugs and start dealing with some areas in her life she was unable to deal with because the medication was numbing her.  After a few more months Pastor Gina took her into her home for three days of intense “work” to help her get off medical marijuana she was using for the physical pain.  Both Pastors Gina and Brian spent countless hours with her. They gave up their own room so my daughter could have her own space. They talked, listened, prayed, exercised, mentored and so much more.

Having been born and raised in the church myself, I had never seen or been a part of pastors working so intently with their flock.  My daughter has been transformed and now knows Jesus for herself because of the mentorship Pastor Gina has provided.  She is also off all the medications that were numbing her and giving her a false sense of feeling good. 

The WARrens are the real deal, and they have the fruit to prove it.  I am forever grateful for the love and commitment they have shown to me and my family.

I am writing this testimony with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation for the impact you have had on my son’s life. Your sessions with my son is a journey of healing and self-discovery and your wisdom and insight are instrumental in helping him navigate complex emotions and make sense of challenging situations. Your prayers and encouragement served as a source of strength during these times of difficulty, and your biblical guidance provided a solid foundation for addressing the issues at hand.

What sets you apart as a Christian counselor is not only your professional competence but also the authentic care and love you demonstrate in every interaction. Your commitment to integrating faith with counseling has played a pivotal role in my son’s life.

Thank you for being a vessel of God’s love and guidance. I pray that your ministry continues to touch the lives of many others, bringing hope and healing to those in need.

Thank you!


Do you want Godly Truth And Love spoken with integrity and authority into your family, and into your loved ones’ lives?  Words of life and healing in the name of Jesus?  That is what is served up here by Pastor Gina Guy-Warren and Pastor Brian Warren with Truth N Love Ministries.  They are a dynamic duo, spirit-filled, loving life and offering timely counsel from the Lord. They specialize in Rescue and Intervention, wow, is that sure needed today!

Working with Gina and Brian, I experienced a breakthrough to break off long-standing trauma and misunderstandings in my family with an estranged adult child.  I see trauma breaking off in my family’s lives from decades of my parents’ alcohol use and abandonment of relationships. This is Christ-centered, balanced real help and freedom through their offering of Rescue and Intervention services. Call them and get in touch today! God Bless you,



Whitehouse-Courthouse-Church House. 

God’s Cleaning All 3 Houses.