“White House, Courthouse, Church house—
God’s cleaning all 3 houses.”
“Game Changer” Books
by Team Unbreakable!
Don’t wait for CPS to fail you or your loved ones.

We’ll be your first line of defense.

Trauma Counseling
If you are dealing with trauma:
Sexual abuse
Sex trafficking/SRA
PTSD / war veteran
Religious abuse
Indoctrination of your children
We can help.
Big Pharma cannot be trusted!
With proper nutrition, your body can heal itself.
We have the answer!

Gina Guy-Warren is the founder of Truth N Love Ministries, a frontline prophetic and equipping ministry, Rescue or Intervention, anti- sex-trafficking and help for families, and The Word and the Workout, bringing the church and the gym together as one through fitness. Gina is an author and a dynamic speaker known as a “truth teller,” and she has declared since 2015 “Whitehouse, Courthouse, Church house, God’s cleaning all 3 houses.”  Gina also offers trauma and family counseling and has a gift to locate the point of origin where trauma first took root. Gina states,“Every trauma finds a body part to rest in.” (Psalm 51:6 “Behold, you desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden parts you make me to know wisdom.”) She’s traveled extensively throughout Africa, starting schools, aiding in medical clinics and holding crusades. She’s passionate about helping homeschool moms and teaching families how to recognize and fight evil influences infiltrating our families. Gina is a confidante to leaders who need a safe place to go for help while receiving complete privacy and discretion.

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Brian Warren is a 2x MMA Fight Champion with over 60 professional fights. He’s battled in many high-profile events such as Bellator, Strikeforce, K-1 Vegas USA. He earned 2 MMA championship belts in King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge. He’s fought many world-class opponents like Jake Shields, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Ben “Killer Bee” Saunders, Karo “the heat” Parisyan. His fight with Cung Le on YouTube currently has over 2 million views. Brian came out of retirement in 2021 to fight Buddy Clinton in a 170lbs World Title Fight for KOTC. His book, “Unbreakable Love: The Brian Warren Story,” tells his story of how a true warrior becomes a champion in the midst of tragedy. Pastor Brian “Mr.Unbreakable” Warren offers unique mentorship skills due to his extensive professional fighting and protection/protective background. 

Currently, the Warrens lead a private interactive church called “MIC” (Mentorship Interactive Church). Gina began 2 years ago offering free mentorship with women’s Bible study, then Interactive church, and now private mentorship. After the lockdowns, the Warrens were obedient to go off the public grid of interviews and podcasts, to disciple over 50 families. They have been continually prayerful about if and when to open the free registration for MIC, as they build a community of respect and trust, “Where your voice is heard, needs are met, trust is earned, and families united.”

Both Brian and Gina are Dignitary Executive Protection agents to high-profile clients in both the political and entertainment arenas. They have both worked with human sex-trafficking task forces and in 2024 launched “ROI” Rescue or Intervention. (www.RescueorIntervention.com) where they travel to various locations when in need.