Corrie Ten Boom : Hide My Generals

Gina Guy-WARren


Corrie Ten Boom was a Dutch Christian watchmaker. She hid Jews in her home during the holocaust to escape death from the nazis in WW11. She risked death by hiding Gods chosen ones in her home!

Gestapo are everywhere. Even getting gas at Costco the attendant had to view the proximity of our truck at the pump. You walk in stores and hear someone yell across the room, “Do you have or need a mask?” Always they hear my resounding “NO” as the customers in the clothing store are touching everything with their dirty hands, glaring at you wearing their unsanitary mask like you are an alien.
Flight attendants don’t like that your chin is showing and have the authority to kick you off a plane. Now your neighbor will watch how many cars show up at your home on Thanksgiving, while turning you into the police.

Modern day Corrie Ten Booms will be called to hide out Gods elect for this end time battle. You will be commissioned forth as watchmakers” as the time is short to gather and protect end time, frontline warriors who will be fearless taking down evil while many will hide under the covers of masks, vaccines and all things compliant because the government issued mandates.

Corrie Ten Boom was a fearless warrior princess and understood the mandate on her life to protect as many as God sent her. What will your actions be? Will you use your home or resources to protect the warriors headed to the frontline facing death? Selah!

We will be rescuing those who face certain death. You must answer the call God speaks to you. Time for playing church has officially ceased.

The WARrens reporting for Duty!

TruthNLove Ministries



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  1. Brian MrUnbreakable Warren Avatar
    Brian MrUnbreakable Warren

    Amen, Warriors recognize the Warriors.

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