Breaking My Silence: The Lockes

Everyone will soon understand why I’m posting all this now after a year of waiting silently. ( btw. Greg has continued to call me personally out as a witch to this date) And since you’re following us on here Taisha. We have the audio of you and Greg saying if we walk into your tent “ I’ll burn it down”. “ you would be surprised at what we have on people.”  What “pastor” with non stop “deliverances” has time for putting private investigators on others-time to answer hate on social media and tour? WHAT MAN CAN’T CALL THE VERY PASTOR AND MMA FIGHTER WHOM HE FULLY SUPPORTED IN HIS WORLD TITLE FIGHT! PROTECTED AND SERVED but used a bully to make a call?  Where are the real male pastors who carry a Joshua spirit? Help your sheep! So my question is, What happens if Pastor Brian and I BUY TICKETS for the R. A. T  TOUR. Does your church or those precious people in that tent know you threatened us on tape as it was recorded? 

Taisha, you personally asked me to mentor you. I knew about the affair yet I committed to love and serve you both. I prayed and fasted for you for six months. Not one phone call, not one face-to-face meeting. God will not allow this to keep going.

What woman of God ends a mentorship by calling them a witch? Oh and not to their face but behind a microphone. True warriors laugh at this cowardly act. Microphone warriors refuse to speak face to face. That’s not a woman of God. Not even close. Please stop using babies as props and money makers. It’s called prostitution and trafficking ????I’ve been silent but silent no more. This isn’t deliverance! This is demonic. Most of those coming to you aren’t demon possessed, but traumatized believers who never received healing in their souls. You asked me to mentor you in this because In your words  ” I don’t even have my prayer language”  and “ I need deliverance from …( because I’m a woman of integrity I will not make it public  because I know what you need help from, because you told me ). Once I spoke some intimate details to both you and Greg in your office and in our home, 48 hours later I’m a witch. ???? All this AFTER you had Amanda Grace speak to you and others at the R A T tour last January 2022

Since you both refused to contact us personally, it’s time to call it. You knew what Amanda Grace and Clay Clark were all about. I made it clear. You’ve made your choice and now the entire tent will be exposed to this witchcraft. Brian and I fully understand why you call us evil. Jealousy, especially in the heart of a woman towards another woman, leads to a great evil.  It’s not becoming of a lady and it shows on the faces of bitter women. 

Those calling out our names as evil and wicked people will be quite embarrassed as we are “holding information back” because we have self control, fruit of His spirit and understand the times and seasons of God. 

As I’ve said since 2015. White House, Courthouse, Churchhouse, God’s cleaning all three houses. He most certainly has saved the best for last. Because Jesus gave his life for the church.  No more hirelings and religious spirits. 

You see, our obedience to you both was not a distraction or a blind calling, but God knew this was a part of connecting all the dots. The time has come, as the picture is almost formed for others to see, understand and choose wisely. 

After my conversation with Mr. Robert Caggiano of Charisma magazine, let’s see if he chooses FAKE NEWS or as a “Christian journalist” tells the whole story. 

Time will tell. God is telling #SaveOurChildren #WhiteHouse #courthouse #churchhouse.#SpeakingTruthNLove.  #timetorepent

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Why is he following and communicating with this evil?/


4 responses to “Breaking My Silence: The Lockes”

  1. Traci L Klune Avatar
    Traci L Klune

    What you’ve done may save many from all the sorcery being done at gvbc and that ridiculous tour.

    1. Gina Guy-WARren Avatar
      Gina Guy-WARren

      Luke 1:45 May it be as you’ve declared ????

  2. Danielle Byfield Avatar
    Danielle Byfield

    I’m so happy you finally posted this. They target the most vulnerable, and you are giving them a voice. These 2 are cult leaders, obsessed with money, fame, and controlling the minds of those who are only seeking help, and God’s healing. They will never find either of those things under this circus tent. They will use these children, just as you said, only for profit. The Lord is NOT happy, and they better fear His wrath! You can take the woman from the ditch, but you’ll never take the ditch out of the woman. She’s still an addict, only it’s changed to other vices! And Greg is just like his daddy.

  3. Stephanie Mago-Eagle Avatar
    Stephanie Mago-Eagle

    I stopped going to GVBC online awhile now. In fact blocked them all. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to what was going on there and seen some of my fb friends that went there where called witches also and kicked out the church. I know a few of their deliverance ministers love The Chosen and follow that show and watch it and I am asking myself where is their decrement. The Chosen teaches a different Jesus and a different gospel and is not biblical at all. I fell for Greg and Tia lies for awhile but God woke me up and say hey something is wrong here. I could say so much more but I am just glad God woke me up to their nonsense. I am now looking for a good online church to go to because I don’t have a car to get to a church. I just pray I find one soon.

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