Shadow Boxing Timing Is Everything

Daniel 2: 20-22

Daniel answered,

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
For wisdom and power belong to Him.

“It is He who changes the times and the seasons;
He removes kings and establishes kings.
He gives wisdom to the wise
And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding!

“It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things;
He knows what is in the darkness,
And the light dwells with Him.

♥️Beloved Saints of the Most High God, it’s wisdom to know the times and seasons of God. We pray as you approach this New Year, YOU know what time you’re in concerning you and your families. Preparation is key for the next shift and position God has for you and your children. 

Soon, You won’t find yourself in the same place you are now.  Ask, knock and Seek. Faith is active, not passive. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are imperative in order to navigate through the darkness. We are in this world, not of it. 

Many of you are fighting serious battles that threaten your families. I’m reminded of a conversation with a mommy facing school boards and straight up pornography in the children’s libraries. Others are facing trespassing  charges if they return to challenge the narrative and exploitation of the children.  Warriors always fight with strategy. You must practice the art of timing. 

I’m reminded of 1 Corinthians 9:26

Therefore I do not run without a definite goal; I do not flail around like one beating the air [just shadow boxing]..” 

When these calls come in for wisdom and help, my heart is gripped with great respect for these parents fighting the GOOD fight. There are fights that are good and productive with a definite goal in sight and others that in the flailing, you lose strength and focus for the REAL battle ahead. What time is it in your family? Most definitely it’s time to fight. But how? 

Shadow boxing is something Pastor Brian and I  know all about! When my husband has me warm up by shadow boxing, I can’t help but feel strange, out of my comfort zone, and off balance at times. Punching, bobbing, weaving “as if” there was a real opponent in front of me. My husband assures me these movements are necessary because once a REAL threat is in front of you, all your shadow boxing techniques return. Many of these parents “practice” what they will say with me because they’ve never had to go face to face with a real threat. Each time they return to that school board, they get bolder and bolder. They no longer just hurl words in the air that are ineffective and without power, but all their “shadow-boxing” has assisted them in developing perfect timing. So when they strike, they deliver a blow that knocks out their opponent.  

I know it seems like you’re up against great evil and you feel out numbered, but God can and will remove them. He loves your children more than you do. It’s time fight these battles effectively and with strategic precision,#saveourchildren 

Daniel understood the times, and new it was God alone who established and removed those in power. A man of great wisdom who saw hidden things others could not see. Can you see not with your physical eyes, but with the eyes of your spirit? Ephesians 1:18. Ask, He will show you. The enemy has come in like a flood, but the Spirit of the Lord is raising up a standard against him. 

You are that standard. Arise. Shine. Your light has come. 

World Title Fight 2021 MrUnBreakable

I pray you’re encouraged in the fight you find yourself in at this hour. Some of us are not in a fight. We are at peace and God has granted rest on all sides. Enjoy that precious time because the new shift Gods preparing for you requires this time of rest. What season are you in? 


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  1. Brian “MrUnbreakable” Warren Avatar
    Brian “MrUnbreakable” Warren

    On Point!

  2. Thank you Gina. You may never know the warriors you have encouraged to get in the fight along the way. Keep listening to the Lord and speaking as he leads. You are heard by those of us that need it most.

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