The church is undoubtedly in a time of great confusion that has resulted in spiritual blindness. I hear so many say they don’t know who to believe or who to follow. My simple reply is, “Follow Jesus. Fall in love with Him again. Fall in love with His Word!”

 I had an amazing dream last night where I was sitting in leather chairs with a round table of other leaders sharing God’s Word. We looked both proper and professional in these high back leather chairs as we were openly sharing and discussing the Word of God. It really was awesome sharing and dialoguing back and forth.  One leader was expressing, “My favorite person in the Bible is David,” and then another said “my favorite is Paul,” and so on. Everyone was expressing their hearts and how different heroes of the Bible affected their lives. It was my turn to share who my favorite Bible hero was, and with my personable and open personality, I got out of my leather chair and sat on the floor. The feeling was like when you’re with your girlfriends sitting around and you are just being you. It reminded me of the times I would open my home up in California for over 15 years of Ekklesia fellowships where no one was in charge, but we all shared from our hearts, sang in the spirit and prayed. Anyway, once comfortably sitting on the floor, I opened my Bible and said, “I love Peter and no doubt David was a warrior, but do you know who my favorite hero of the Bible is? Jesus! I love Him so much. All of His examples of how to be a true leader in the midst of every imaginable circumstance, is in His Word. He is my favorite example.” Thinking they will judge me for sitting on the floor and not remaining properly sitting in the chair, which in the dream was actually just a fleeting thought, I continued to share. “He’s my favorite and if we read His Word and focus on His example for us, we will all see Jesus more clearly and lift Him up among everyone else. He will be your favorite too.”  

When I awoke, I understood what the Father was showing me because prior to sleeping, my husband was giving me one of his “remember who you are Gina. You’re Mrs.Unbreakable. Keep doing good everyday. Keep helping people and let the haters keep hating. You’re real and authentic, and those who aren’t and have ulterior motives,  will judge your purity and personality from their own insecurities and this is why your name is on their lips daily” talks. ( I get these warrior reminder meetings often from my husband, because he has one of the strongest fighter mentalities I’ve ever seen. Actually the only one if I am perfectly honest. I pray you all have someone who fights for you in your corner and reminds you exactly who you are) while haters attempt to strip you of your destiny). I understood in the dream other leaders do judge my personality and demeanor, and they really don’t want me involved in their round table discussions, but I continued to share my heart and the word with them. In my dream I offered zero judgement that they chose to remain teaching from their high- back leathered chairs. Getting on the floor was symbolic of presenting my teaching to others not as one better than they, but on the same level.

My friends, the church has lost her vision! She has been infiltrated, leaving so many blinded to the truth. The focus is on whose good, or whose bad. Everyone wants the next “who done it” from their favorite ‘drama social media post master’ dividing the body of Christ.  What happened to the solid teaching of God’s Word? Those of us who teach are not the popular ones, because we don’t feed the church-pew-piranhas who are moved by spilled blood of gossip or the next prophetic word that just has to be released now because it’s an emergency word from heaven.  Infiltrates!  The church is full of them. On Day 18 of my book, “Conjunctivitis and Infiltrates: Your Vision Is About To Be Cleared,” I detail that during a 3 week period of writing,  my eyes filled with blood. Like a true warrior, I fought through this for a week as I painfully tried to stay in my writer’s flow. Meanwhile, blood filled, not blood shot eyes got worse! My husband and I kept praying for an answer when finally I went across the street to urgent care where I was diagnosed with “pink eye”. The physician’s assistant wrote my prescription for $100 eye drops. My eyes got worse!

“The Word And The Workout Prophetic Insight Into Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Fitness The Way Of A Warrior”

Then a thought seemingly out of nowhere comes to my mind. Go to your optometrist! I had forgotten I saw one for the first time when I thought I might need reading glasses. Because this was not a routine doctor, I forgot about him! Running to urgent care was the routine if an emergency came up. Once arriving, my doctor asked why would I go to urgent care when I had an optometrist? Well, isn’t that a great question. Fast forward, when he said I had infiltrates in both eyes, my spirit leaped and this non saved doctor got an eye full as I reacted in joy because the revelation that landed on me in that chair. “The church has been infiltrated, and they can’t see clearly! They are running to every urgent care profit and preacher and they have been misdiagnosed! It’s costing them everything from money, to time to their own health! They are not only receiving the wrong advice, but upon doing so, are getting worse!” Some of us really have to live out our preach and prophecies, while others sit back and speak of what they have never experienced! 

The rest of this story is detailed in my book obviously, but I felt led by the Lord to share this with you this morning. I am not one to turn on my phone and do live broadcasts, as a matter of fact, you won’t be able to even find one for quite some time, that I’ve done aside from Interviews with broadcasters. With all the hate and exposers going on, it’s my hope that you seek Jesus. We all can have our favorites in the church or in the Bible, but I guarantee you will be infiltrated if Jesus isn’t your number one hero and the Bible your daily read, not someone’s daily posts. Jesus is my hero, is He yours?