Remain Stayed

Gina Guy-WARren


I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “ My Rising Remnant. Remain in your current position. The place in which your feet are planted. Remain in a STAYED position! 


My true foot soldiers will hear clearly while you will watch the others gather, plan and strategize.  Invitations to banquets, command posts and all things political in the name of religion, will bring together and  into the light, the plan of the enemy! As in the days of my prophet Micaiah, some feel as if they are in the valley of imprisonment awaiting  the Validity of My call on your life that others may recognize.  Your reputation  has been assassinated, but are you not still standing like a good soldier?  You have dined with kings and governors, with generals and commanders, yet it’s My hand keeping you in a STAYED position. The command post has been infiltrated. The gathering of the false movements have heard their marching orders, but not from me.  I have allowed interference to run through the camp and there is a scrambler in the midst and her name is Jezebel. The changing of the guards is drawing near. Listen to the noise. Watch the “movements” pay close attention. Confusion will accelerate and they will take each other out of current positions  in order to gain more control. I will show you strategies from heavens  perspective. You will only be able to see this from your STAYED position!  It’s not afar off. Piranhas are flesh eating and gather at the smell of blood. They gather in  “schools” and are predators. It’s time to make them known and they will be revealed by their own “schools of travel” and these predators will reveal themselves. Tune into my voice, heavens frequency! Can you hear Me now? Yes. I KNOW you. I’ve given you the ear to hear and the tongue of the learned. You’ve remained in my

School and your promotion is at hand,” says the Lord of the Angel Armies!


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  1. Vicki Avatar

    Gina , on May 4 ,2022 . I had been given these prayer cards this was the scripture . Psalms 46:5
    God is in the amidst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.
    I immediately thought of you . Please understand I am not saying the lord gave me this scripture for you ..When I read what the lord gave you ,
    I thought wow this lady is not going be shut down as the enemy is trying to do his best to move her from God’s will .
    The enemy fights us harder , when he knows , souls are going to be lost to his grip , and turning to God .
    Gina , I say this as encouragement to you . When you speak your speaking the living word of God ,it bears witness to me and with that it speaks life into every soul that hears and reads it .
    Your Sister in The one lord true Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    1. Gina Guy-WARren Avatar
      Gina Guy-WARren

      This comment means so very much to me. What you don’t know is that is the very scripture I carry in my heart for my oldest daughter. Thank you so very much for taking the time. God bless you

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