So, You Trust Fauci & Government Mandates?

So, You Trust Fauci & Government Mandates?

By: Gina Guy-Warren


Let’s start at the beginning because there is so much information and disinformation all over social media regarding masking and mandatory vaccinations. So I am going to make this very simple and then go into what I believe the Lord has shown me regarding why His children, and I’m talking about born again believers, who are divided on the vaccine mandate agenda, end up complying.  In 2018 I taught on “The Great Divide. Sides Are Being Chosen. Time to Cross the Valley of ELAH!”  The Father showed me 3 years ago this would be a serious time of knowing who your tribe would be and who could cross with you. Undoubtedly, we are being separated from our children, family members, churches and our dearest friends. Before I continue, I want you to keep in mind a couple key points. Yes, some will turn away from you because they believe you are a “conspiracy theorist” and label you a wackadoodle. While others will choose to comply with government mandates but will still love and speak with you. However, be prepared, they will not make their loyalty known to the public, or share your social media posts or teachings because their own families do believe you’re a wackadoodle. ( I can’t help it. This is my new favorite word. I’ve transitioned from cuckoo for cocoa puffs, to this. Times just simply warrant a new identifiable crazy!). For if those who love you publicly take a stand with you, they will be guilty by association which in turn will stir up their own fear of what other people think. Secondly, it will put their own lives in danger because those who refuse to bow down to this illegitimate, tyrannical government, will be in danger. Make no mistake about it. Warriors you must march forward in your courage regardless of who stays and who goes. Ask the Father to guard your heart and refuse to make their lack of public support for you turn into offense. Love them and keep moving! I strongly encourage you to watch the video on The Great Divide. 

Now let’s break this whole plandemic down. I didn’t say this strain of the flu isn’t real, but I guarantee you, it’s REALLY blown out of proportion wrapped in a spirit of fear! When we get sick, whether it be the flu, bronchitis, cancer or any other ailment, we go to the doctor. Not everyone runs to the doctor for the flu, well at least that was the normal in the past. We have a new normal because people are listening to the gestapo voices. Upon examination, your physician has determined you have an infection, a fever, the flu, inflammation, blood clots or trouble breathing.  The next course of action is to prescribe medication and send you home. Now, because fear has taken over the nation, as soon as someone is feeling ‘under the weather’, they run to the doctor. More than likely, they will now diagnose you with Covid. What are those symptoms? Same as all the symptoms I just listed, but now your doctor informs you there’s nothing they can do.There’s no medication to treat this Covid, and they send you home. (But most likely not without making sure you put your arm out for the vaccine. You do so, well, because there’s no other option, right?).   You’ve been informed by every news source and the bought out doctors and politicians they’ve  interviewed and you’re told people are dying all over the place, so you better make sure you take this vaccine. If you catch this virus, surely you will die. Even though 99.9% recover!  Fear and lack of knowledge lead to this particular scenario.I can hear some say, “but I’ve done the research.” What were your sources of research? Google searches? You do understand who owns google and all the algorithms ( a set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations in a computer). Oh, I see, you are following the CDC guidelines and hocus pocus data? Pharmakeia is witchcraft and the CDC is corrupt!   In 2020 I sent an email to a friend and briefly mentioned that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) was about to pull a fast one. When this hysteria hit, she sent me an email reminding me of what I was warned about from heaven.  Then around the same time, I saw rats all over New York, all over the media. As soon as I saw Dr. Fauci, I immediately identified him as a rat! Now, the fact that the FDA, NIH, and CDC refuse to treat COVID-19 patients until they are hospitalized and dying is a massive crime against humanity. I will also go as far to say, the plan is to extinguish humanity. The whole point of medicine is the prevention of hospitalization and death. But what’s happening is the Pharmaceutical companies are making billions off these vaccinations. Oh, did I mention they don’t stop the unsuspecting patient from still getting Covid? I see, if you do get it, the symptoms won’t be as bad? Their motto concerning why we should all be vaxxed is, “The benefits far out way the risks.” I wonder why they won’t disclose what’s really in these shots and why they are legally covered from any lawsuits? That’s ok, I’ll choose door number two and take my chance of 99.9% recovery. We will deal with that train of thought as well. 

Let’s take a look at who’s behind all of this. I find it intriguing, when believers learn about a company’s religious beliefs or their standards are the opposite of Chrisitanity,  they boycott the company and refuse to buy their products simply because they are satanic, mormon, LGBTQ etc. I couldn’t agree more. When I know planned parenthood has an agenda to abort and sell baby body parts to medical clinics,and include them in YOUR vaccine, you can be certain I will not patronize their establishment, and I will tell everyone to never comply with their medical practices. For the sake of attempting to make this teaching short and concise, there’s a lot of information that could be included, but I urge you to research the following facts on your own.This can be found in lame stream resources!  On September 7, 2021, Bill & Melinda Gates announced a 250 million Covid Vaccine commitment. As you do your own research, he’s been “warning” about the need to prepare for a pandemic for years. Now can you understand why many of those you call ‘conspiracy theorists’ call this a ‘plandemic?’ Because it’s been planned, that’s why. He told ABC News, yes, the fake news, “This will be seared in the memory of this generation, hopefully enough, to invest, to be more ready next time. Hopefully to invest more in all these infectious diseases that are still a huge problem.” Did you hear that? Seared in the memory of this generation to be ready for next time. He goes on to say, “ Your immune system is a kind of magic. And with mRNA, we ( he states we) actually give instructions to your cells to make them build part of the virus.” To date, of what we know, they’ve invested 1.7 billion into ‘ combating covid.’ 

I can undoubtedly go on about Bill Gates involvement, as well as Dr. Fauci and his money making dealings back with the AIDS virus, but I want to now share what the Lord has put on my heart as we go forward. 

Let’s draw our attention to the weak church! Exactly why I published my book last year on The Way Of A Warrior, as I saw all of this coming! If the church continues to comply with this vaccination and muzzles mask mandate, the effects will be catastrophic both to this generation and the one to come. I literally heard the Father tell me many will be contacting our ministry because they are unable to conceive children. Moms and dads, go ahead and get your shots, but do not give them to your children. That is if you want their God given immune systems to be strong. If you want your daughters to conceive or your sons to be fertile, run as far as you can from that needle.  That is only ONE side effect. Some of you may not be familiar with the platform Rumble, where you can view conservative voices from Doctors, preachers, scientists alike speaking the truth! When the mask mandates and shutdowns were first issued, we were told 21 days. (Not coincidental the prophet Daniel was in major warfare until the angel Gabriel made it to him after 21 days of fighting principalities Daniel 10). I knew immediately this was a demonic agenda and refused to put this face diaper on. However, I enjoyed the stay home mandate and listening to the Father’s instructions to rest and prepare my home for the next shift. I got a lot done in 3 weeks! Did you use your time wisely?  As for the masks, no way would we wear one! My husband and I watched as one by one, the sheep complied, even putting them on their children. In all my years, nothing infuriated me more than witnessing this. Parents, this is child abuse! Now you can see why we would lose friends and followers! I know what I know! I seek the face of the Lord with zero fear or self exaltation or desire that my own needs and  therefore I hear clearly! It was also during this time the Lord made it clear to me to watch which mega preachers would push to stay open during 21 days. Hold on, I know our 1st amendment rights are at stake and  I will address that in a moment. Please hear me when I say, the Lord used that shutdown to allow us to see who wouldn’t shut up and why. I clearly saw who freaked out not because their freedom of speech was at stake, but the tithes would cease and they wouldn’t be able to pay the bills to keep their kingdoms moving! Isn’t God amazing and the only wise God! I can now tell you without a shadow of a doubt, who was more worried about not getting their tithe checks. I was told over and over during this shutdown, the Father was bringing families home to get things in order! Some did this very thing and took that 21 days to care for their families, children, and put their homes in order. Undoubtedly, after 21 days, the Lord released many of us to lift up our voices against our right to gather as a church body. As we all know, it progressed into the gestapo government telling us how many could sit around the family dinner table. There are so many layers to God cleaning out the Swamp Waters of the Whitehouse, Courthouse and Church house. The deep state, Kabal, and evil agendas are so deep in all 3 houses, persecution and trial came to the front door of every believer in order to flood out all the rats. Sadly, so many believers are unable to discern all the variables. Many kept their eyes on President Trump and every prophet who God was speaking to every hour, every day and had all the answers. We the people know President Trump is still our legal president. But  instead of focusing on Jesus, many were distracted.  I also want to add the Lord made it crystal clear to me President Trump had to publicly warp speed this vaccine. In doing so, it couldn’t be mandated that every one take the death jab because it’s NOT FDA approved! He knew it would take time for this approval and by his second term, once voted back in, he can push therapeutics for this man-made virus that came out of Wuhan, China. Remember, He is God’s chosen Cyrus leader. He stands for Israel, against abortion and is for free speech. Is he perfect? No, are we? No. He is a master chess player, and the art of war is just that! The best is yet to come, but the church must be exposed because it is the church who will rise up and fight evil. Will God use President Trump? Indeed He will, but we are the church my friends. We The People must take a bold stand and push back, not give in. Give evil an inch and they will take a mile, your families, or your nation! But to vote for a pedophile because you don’t like Trump is truly apostasy!  But as we all know, America was infiltrated by cyber terrorists and the fake Biden was put in. Under this evil and illegal administration, they are now rushing all 3 pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna for FDA approval. Because millions are complying with their vaccine mandate, there will be numerous “necessary boosters” before you’re fully vaccinated. Did we NOT see it coming? This leads me into summarizing what the Lord showed me for His church. 

In January of 2017, the Lord gave me a strong warning that churches would be in major danger of terrorists attempting to take the lives of the pastor and church goers. 

Well, we are there now aren’t we! “Quickly, remove the women from the doors of the church!” details what I saw back then. Who knew one of the reasons we would be in danger within the church walls, is because we refuse to vaccinate and wear face diapers. I will break down what I was shown regarding  and why some believers are making these decisions. 

  • Fear! I am watching my loved ones actually die and suffer so I will vaccinate. 
  • Loving their own lives:I don’t necessarily agree with needing the vaccine, but I will do so because I want to go to restaurants, theaters and I want to travel. 

Watching people that you love pass away is traumatic in and of itself. First I want to offer my condolences to anyone reading this who’s lost someone close to you. I urge you to consider the following: Did they have a pre-existing condition? Were they overweight, heart disease, smokers, drinkers and so on?  This may sound insensitive and I don’t mean it to come off that way, but we must take care of our bodies. Eat as if your body needs 91 octane, not burritos and whisky. Are you taking additional vitamins as all creation knows our soil is void of nutrients. My husband and I have been preaching the Zija supermix for 8 years! We haven’t been sick!! We drink one sachet that has 92 nutrients in ONE sachet, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories and more! Sweet Jesus, we have been warning the body of Christ because it works for us! We exercise daily and take no vitamins, just our supermix. Fear is the motivating spirit and we cannot make life alternating, DNA alternating, Faith altering decisions filtered through the spirit of fear. 1 Timothy 1:9 declares, “God didn’t give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.”  We must make decisions with a sound mind. The second bullet point isn’t necessarily fear based but grounded in selfishness of our own flesh. When our underlying motive is to live without restrictions and boundaries enforced by the government, so we comply with getting vaccinated. God just may answer you, yes, go get it if your underlying desire is to continue enjoying your life, vacation, fly and eat at restaurants. But when we come to Him and pray like this,

“Father, I don’t know what to do. This world has gone crazy and there’s so much information out there. I know your Word says that our hearts are deceitful above all things. I surrender my deceitful heart to you. I empty out all my motives either conscious or subconscious. I want life back to normal and I am scared I won’t be able to take vacations or do what I want to do. I am fearful I will die like I’ve witnessed loved ones close to me. I ask you to speak clearly to me now that I have surrendered all I know and all I’ve seen. I want your perfect will, not my own. If that means I don’t surrender to this Nazi government, and I face arrest because I refuse to vaccinate or whatever this means, I follow you, not man. I trust you and you alone. I will not make one run to the doctor without hearing from you. I will not vaccinate unless I hear from you. I surrender even all the manipulated rewards the government is offering me like free donuts, beer and travel if I get the shot. I will stay home and do nothing before I surrender to their tyranny. Do you want me to get vaccinated? Do you want me and my children to walk around wearing masks over our mouths. I shut all opinions out now to hear only your voice and no other voice will I follow. In the powerful and mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen 



Rumble Must See:

Therapeutic options; Follow immediately at onset of feeling Covid symptoms. 

1 Sachet Zija Supermix

Zinc (50mg)-Vitamin D-3 (5,000IU)-Vitamin C (1,000) Vitamin B-12 (1,000) 

Quercetin (500mg) Aspirin (81mg) with food Bedtime Melatonin (6mg) 


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