How to Recognize Warriors Who Will Fight With You

How to Recognize Warriors Who Will Fight With You

Gina Guy-Warren


(Excerpt from “The Word And the Workout© 

Prophetic Insight into Physical, Emotional,

 & Spiritual Fitness The Way OF A Warrior)

These are the names of David’s mighty warriors. (2 Samuel 23:8)

The last words of David, God’s mighty warrior, are written in 2 Samuel 23. I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy sitting at the feet of men and women who are seasoned with God’s wisdom. Generally, our society has a bad tendency to disrespect and marginalize our senior citizens, but I know better than to do that. They are brimming with rich life experiences that we can either glean from or choose to ignore. Recently, I was sitting outside a coffee shop, ready to tune everyone out and relax, when an older gentleman [m1] approached me. You know that look: they are lonely and looking for someone to talk to. As I listened, he shared snippets of his life that were filled with selfless service to our country. He recounted his fighter-jet days and incredible acts of heroism that included saving the life of his fellow fighter. I then asked him, “Who is going to save you?” I had the opportunity to share Jesus with him; and this mighty warrior, who was late in life, bowed his head to accept salvation and receive eternal life. He will receive a Purple Heart in heaven!

         When I read the heading at the beginning of 2 Samuel, “David’s Last Words[m2] ,” I understand it is a moment to pause and listen to what one of God’s amazing warriors had to say in his final days. The first seven verses declare his praise for God that his enemies have been cast aside and his house stands right with God. However, I want to turn our attention to the three mighty men spoken of in the next verses. I want us to pay close attention to the men who fought next to David, because, in his final words, David recognizes these men for a specific reason. Let’s take a look at just one of these fierce warriors. The first elite warrior was named Josheb-Basshebeth, who was the chief of the Three. Verse 8 tells us he raised his spear against eight hundred men in one encounter. His name means “one that swarms or a swarmer.” [m1] The Hebrew root of his name means “one that returns mentally, sits and dwells spiritually, able to refrain from evil and vices.”[m2]  There is so much wisdom about this mighty man, and his name says it all. Can you imagine one man taking out eight hundred terrorists in one encounter? These are the types of warriors that Brian and I have surrounding us.

         My husband has become a great friend and confidant to a few “Josheb-Basshebeth” type men since we settled in Tennessee. In California, Brian felt so alone and couldn’t seem to connect with fellow warriors who stuck close until we set foot here. The men Brian has met this past year are swarmers; and just like a bee, they can sting the enemy, shutting off his very breath.

         Does that sound a bit brutal to you? Some believers still cannot conceive the fact that Brian’s background in mixed martial arts was godly; but I assure you, if their daughter was snatched off the street to be used for sex trafficking, they would seek out a fearless warrior like Josheb-Basshebeth to rescue her. And, by the way, sex trafficking is happening in your own neighborhood and in surrounding businesses. Prostitution and sex-trafficking rings are in full operation next door to your hair salon or grocery store. Just because you don’t see sex traffickers with your own eyes, it doesn’t mean this evil isn’t going on all around you.

         I want to point out the Hebrew meaning of this man’s name: “one that returns, mentally sits and dwells spiritually, able to refrain from evil and vices.” The definition of vice is “bad or immoral behavior or habits or characteristic: a moral flaw or weakness.”

         I know I refer to my husband often, but it is because he is exactly who he claims to be. There is nothing pretentious or fake about him. When you can find a man who is free from vices, who mentally sits and dwells spiritually, you have just found one of God’s elite warriors. I have never witnessed any vice controlling Brian. He is one of the most mentally sound and stable men I have met to date. Everyone who is called to the front lines needs this type of man or woman next to them. The title of our devotion indicates you will need to be able to recognize this kind of warrior.

The days we are in demand great discernment of those we spend our time with. This also includes who you are following on social media.  I awoke this morning with the word “piranha’ on my spirit. This freshwater fish typically lives in schools and has very sharp teeth that are used to tear flesh from prey. It has a reputation for being a fearsome predator. I was asked to join the media platform Telegram, and within hours, these fierce, flesh eating piranhas infiltrated my page, twisting and taking out of context everything I was posting. These piranhas ‘appear ‘ in freshwater environments so they can attack and eat the flesh of all the unexpecting. Have you ever played that game where you put everyone in a line and the first person whispers in the ear of another a simple statement? Then this continued down the line until the final team member repeated the statement passed down, but by the time it got to the end of the line, the statement was completely twisted. Each person that spoke the original word added their version of the truth. This is the very danger of social media. 

To all the warriors who are focused on taking down evil, and saving souls, I urge you to surround yourself with warriors, not piranhas! 

*I chose this photo because I had the honor of baptizing this warrior in my pool when we were just friends surrounding by many witnesses. God knew Brian Warren would soon be my Josheb-Basshebeth, “one that returns mentally, sits and dwells spiritually, able to refrain from evil and vices.”


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  1. MrUnbreakable Avatar

    Powerful 💥 Word as usual!
    The Husband

  2. This morning I was thinking about the time I was a “Brownie” in San Jose, California; long ago….. our leader put us in a line, she whispered a very simple statement in the ear of the first girl in line….. by the time it reached the last girl, twisted!
    I have been reading about King David and his Warriors…..

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