I Too Am A Prophet: Dangers Of Following False Prophets

Under the Influence

Seduced by a Word

By:Gina Guy-Warren


“I too am a prophet, as you are. And an angel said to me by the word of the LORD: ‘Bring him back with you to your house.’” (1 Kings 13:18)

The following is an excerpt from my book. As I receive call after call to our ministry of unsuspecting believers giving thousands of dollars to what I call “paypal prophets.” These false prophets quit their jobs and stay on social media as they operate in witchcraft day in and day out. “But what they prophesied to me was right on target!’ How many times have I heard this statement from so many well-meaning believers? I am privy to one of these “pocket prophets” because she stayed with my husband and I, off and on for around 3 months.  When we first landed in Franklin, she contacted us declaring the Lord instructed her to have me mentor her. ( I guess God up and changed His mind. Trust me when I say, God is not Bi-Polar). We witnessed midnight “counseling” to married men, using fake accounts in order to “pray” in the spirit for the man she knew was her husband, because Papa, ABBA daddy told her, but  he was dating someone else among many other situations. These stalking manipulations were under the explanation of, “I’m able to see what’s going on and pray her out of his life.” Witchcraft 101! To date she is still waiting for her Boaz, and other women who are believing just as Hannah waited, are all drawn to her. We must pay attention to the verbage used, and this one still has not received the healing she needs from her own natural daddy. I made this clear many times to no avail. So, evil went public one day when she engaged in a 3 hour facebook rant against us with a pastor who found her online, and within a day, was now her “covering.” These fake pastors watch for the charismatic ones who bring in thousands of views because they know it will in turn bring them wealth as their “spiritual covering.” These are the ones I call “predatory preachers.’ Trafficking women online who are “prophesying” from unresolved trauma in their own lives. To date, despite numerous attempts by phone, text and email, we have yet to receive the letter she publicly prophesied ABBA DADDY told her to send me. Despite my husband’s attempts to have her meet with us face to face, without fail, no reply. When I recently received a call from someone who mentioned her name, and the thousands she’s been giving her, I knew it was time to share this devotional from my book again. Many like this wounded woman are arising in a time of great uncertainty in our nations. They know when to make “bank” on those in need of a “sure word.” Be sure of this, it’s all coming to an abrupt stop. The Father will not allow this anymore. Your destiny is at stake, and as you read about the unsuspecting prophet in 1 Kings, he died when he came “under the covering and under the influence of another prophet.” First red flag should’ve  been when he said, “I too am a prophet, as you are.” Let the competition begin! 

Anytime an up-and-coming leader is highlighted, there will always be an “old prophet” who hears about you. The story in 1 Kings 13 goes on to say this old prophet who was living in Bethel heard about what took place. He told his sons to mount up the donkeys because he was going after the man. Once he found the man of God, he invited him to go back and eat with him at his home. The man of God, who was minding his own business resting under an oak tree, began to tell this old prophet that he could not. He explained his strict instructions from God and that he could not go back the way he just came (verses 11-17). The old prophet then said, “I too am a prophet, as you are. And an angel said to me . . . bring him back” (verse 18). So the man of God returned to eat and drink with him at his house. Even though this old prophet was under the influence of a lying spirit, the gifts and call of God are irrevocable (verses 18b-19; Romans 11:29). He began prophesying from God that the man of God had defied God’s instructions. The old prophet spelled out exactly what the man of God did wrong and then told him his body would not be buried in the tomb of his ancestors (verses 20-22). After this wonderful dinner meeting filled with excitement and prophecy, the old prophet saddled up the donkey and sent the man of God off to his death. He was mauled by a lion as he traveled (verses 23-24). 

    We have got to be discerning now and in the future because tares have been sown among the wheat. They speak like us and prophesy like us, but they are under the influence of a lying spirit as well as other spirits. This precious man of God from the scripture passage was obviously committed to God and boldly prophesied what many on platforms nowadays wouldn’t dare to say, knowing they run the risk of never being invited back for the next conference or telethon. And they definitely would not have won the Prophet of the Year award, as they attempted to clean up the church house with words such as the ones the man of God delivered. But he was faithful! What’s concerning about the story in 1 Kings 13 is that the prophet appeared to do everything right! He obeyed God’s commands and prophesied against the king, knowing he would be arrested and thrown in jail if God did not send a miraculous sign that He was with him. The man of God had a forgiving heart. This prophet rejected the money that accompanied going back home with the king. How many of us, after a great victory, would simply go home or out to dinner after a meeting? The decision seems simple, right? No! We have to be so in tune with the Spirit of God in these last days. Lives depend on it. 

    Again, the man of God was not influenced by the money offered by Jeroboam, so what did he miss with this old prophet? I am going to read between the lines on this one! He needed a word and he got it! The old prophet first identified himself as a prophet just like him. I don’t know about you, but when I meet someone, I don’t need the person to tell me whether he or she is a prophet. Doesn’t the Bible tell us, “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets?”(1 Corinthians 14:32 NKJV). 


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