He Will Lead You Out

Gina Guy-WARren

4. 22.2023

The great Shepherd is bringing you out. 

Many of you are Coming Out of cycles, patterns, addiction and family matters that have been ingrained and embedded within the fabric of your lives and very character! 

Born and raised in Southern California, the beach 🏝️ felt like my second home.

 ( actually felt like home anytime I had the chance to escape my childhood home(s) from yelling, fighting and abuse).  Laying my beach towel on the sand, my radio and Hawaiian Tropic within reach, I settled in doing my very best to not get sand on my towel. Every time without fail, I continually had to stand up, shake out the towel and reposition.  At times, there were others with me, including my oldest daughter, who seemed to have the art of “zero sand on body or hair” down to a science. As for me, diving  into the cool refreshing, crashing waves 🌊 was always my plan after shaking out my towel then removing all the sand clinging to my suntan oil. Aside from my best efforts, I returned with sand embedded in my bathing suit and hair, thus returning to my towel with more sand than I shook out. However, I figured out how to immerse myself within the waves, without gathering sand. Wasn’t always fool proof, more times than not, I returned without a clump of sand in my suit or hair. 

Doesn’t life feel like that at times? No matter how hard we try, the trials of life tend to become embedded, resulting in irritation and frustration. Our efforts seem to be in vain. There “appear” to be others around us that have it all figured out, but why haven’t we got this down?

As I was reading in John 10 about Jesus being the True Shepherd, Verse 4 stirred my spirit. “ And when He brings out His own sheep, He goes before them and His sheep follow Him.”

 The  waves in the ocean are already present waiting for you to dive in and wash away the sand ingrained in your hair, skin and clothing.  Let’s look at the definition of ingrained. “ adjective, also engrained. Attitude, belief or habit firmly fixed or established that’s difficult to change. Dirt or stains embedded are thus difficult to remove.”

I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart for you! “It’s time for what’s been engrained and embedded to come out and you will hear MY voice and be led out of patterns and cycles that have been deeply embedded and difficult to remove. When I myself lead you out, I will go before you and you will follow me.”

Precious ones, let all His waves and breakers wash over you! As deep calls to deep, in the roars of His waterfall. As Psalm 42 declares, His deep will call to the deep things within your soul. It’s not always a quick fix and a quick deliverance. Just as I had to constantly get up from my beach towel, shake it out, then time myself within the waves of the ocean in order to remove embedded sand, not add more to it, so is Gods timing for us within His presence. It’s His voice that leads and guides us. His sheep know His voice, and no other will they follow. 

So why are there many following false shepherds? Why are many things of this world deeply embedded within our habits, beliefs and attitudes? Religion has taught there is only one way out. Follow man, revivals and all things structured by man, and all while His very waves and breakers are within your own reach.  By day the Lord directs his love for you, and at night His song is within your hearts! When we are too busy running around and following the next big thing, we will miss the simplicity of laying our own towel down ( or our mat as spoken of in John 5:8) and watching for the waves and breakers to wash over us. The paralytic in John 5 couldn’t find anyone to pick him up and take him to church or revival, and he was deeply discouraged. But Jesus saw Him! Wow, let’s take a pause or Selah break right here! The invalid was instructed by Jesus Himself, to “ Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” At once, he was healed. This passage goes on to tell us, the religious weren’t happy about the method or the timing of this miracle. Most likely because it didn’t happen in their presence or synagogue, and they certainly didn’t receive monetary compensation! 

You’re coming out of all of this mess and confusion, if you sincerely gave your life to Jesus, you are protected by His blood and His voice. Nothing else shall possess you. He promises to make us white as snow, without stain or blemish. Whatever habits, beliefs or attitudes that have become embedded within your soul, and whatever has been so engrained through religious teachings and practices will now be shaken off by the sound of His voice and the leading of His holy spirit that speaks to all who belong to Him! 

This is your season of waking up to all that has blinded and kept you from true freedom in Jesus Christ. He came to redeem that which has been lost and broken. You belong to Him and He is leading you out. Rest assured that when He leads you out of these patterns, habits and strongholds, the word declares He will go before you.  To Him who is able to KEEP you from falling, and present you faultless and with great joy (Jude 24). All praise to HIs glorious and matchless name! 


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