Disruptors: Don’t Bring Out Your Queen Too Soon


 We’ve heard many teach about infiltrators, but what about disruptors? Oh the Lord did speak to us at 3:33 am concerning this subject! Let’s identify the characteristics of a disrupter. 

“To interrupt( an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or a problem.

 To drastically alter or destroy the structure of something.” 

  • These disruptors are very articulate regarding subjects such as but not limited to MK Ultra, patriot infiltration, political leaders in or running for office, fake preachers, Georgia guide stones. 
  • They Appear to be frontline truth-tellers “trusting God” for finances, no home or even death attempts for the gospel. But still press on to “warn” the body of Christ.
  • Their voices have a distinct characteristic. If they are women, they “appear” meek and humble. Rarely expressing passion or voice inflection, thus presenting as mature and wise. The men will have a disrespect or underlying disdain for women. If the truth-teller is a married woman, he will never confront or communicate directly with her husband.
  • They are Incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in the subject matter they represent yet those listening are unable to fully grasp their teaching. Ultimately causing the listener to feel unqualified in their walk with the Holy Spirit. This will cause them to have to lean on the ‘wisdom’ of the disrupter.  
  • They target prideful, fame and media seeking leaders. These are easy targets due to unhealed trauma from their childhood.

The biblical fact is there are true servants of the Most High God, Jesus Christ, who suffer in various areas to speak truth in a WOK generation and BAAL infiltrated houses. (1 Peter 5:10) True servant leaders desire not to disrupt or cast fear, but to unite the army of God for this endtime battle! Remember, satan always counterfeits truth. Be watchful. Be prayerful. Stay in your word 

Dangerous Voices, I’ve taught on this subject many times. How does one  recognize dangerous voices? They aren’t always loud and boisterous. Sometimes they come in the form of Grandma Grimace or single Sally with no covering but “Jesus.” They speak with sound  teaching on a subject, displaying a wealth of knowledge as we  scratch our heads wondering how they know such detail and history. Ever felt you couldn’t grasp all this wisdom then decided you’re not educated enough to “get it” so you leave it to the experts? That is NOT the Spirit of the Lord! Over the top confusion and babble comes from hell. Not heaven. Pay attention as their  emotions never change up when speaking.I’m not saying they have to have an extrovert personality. What I am saying is they stay steady in their speech about these evil subjects. They have ‘key’ words they repeat when speaking.  Ever hear someone speak Italian, Spanish or any language you don’t understand? Well, you may not grasp what they’re talking about, but you can sense the passion as their voices fluctuate. They may be angry, happy, exuberant or heartbroken, and you can “hear it”. Listen closely. These disruptors, not infiltrators, speak this way. No  anger, passion or sadness when giving us this vital information on the subject they know so much about. MK Ultra? Robotic? 

Dangerous voices. They quietly work their way through connecting with…are you ready? Connecting with the church leaders or political leaders, who have soul wounds.  Trauma they never healed from and now carry great pride and an insatiable hunger for celebrity and fame. These are the ones who aren’t necessarily Deep State, but are a “Target” for these Deep State disruptors. They only need to get in their ear, and successfully tear apart relationships that were kingdom building.  They make phone calls just to express their concern” about who they are supporting or interviewing. Just a concerned friend mind you. These crafty disruptors identify who the real generals are in God’s army, and secretly yet methodically tear apart divine relationships under the pretense they are just expressing concern for their friend uniting with someone. They speak into their ear and make them question who they are around or who they listen to hence successfully causing a disturbance and destroying the structure of true kingdom connections. Connect the dots! We did and the final dot connected as the Lord spoke to my husband yesterday!  With this final revelation, we had our “AHA” moment in His presence. 

I’ll leave you with an episode from Monk. I watched this years ago and the Lord led me to look it up. Pay attention! Every detail of this 9 minute clip. Even dead bodies will be exhumed (dig out something buried, especially a corpse) from the ground. Expose ( a land surface) that was formerly buried) as God sees everything, and He’s telling!  You see for those who figure out HOW EVIL is dividing the body of Christ, will be the ones attacked and in danger. But God! The 🩸 Blood of His Son Jesus Christ shed for all who would believe, receive and serve Him have zero to worry about! What good is it if you gain the whole world but lose your soul ( Luke 9:25). 

I reiterate what I’ve been teaching for years now. The ones that have been infiltrated by disruptors, (which by the way, once the main disrupter speaks into the ear of the leader, other minions now speak to “verify” this intel to the unsuspecting leader), will need a place to find the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Will you be a Bridge or a barricade? This is a heaven or hell decision for those prideful preachers. I tell you many have been visited by a disrupter or disrupters! Since Pastor Brian and I decided to take a “pause” until we relocate, we are being flooded with heavens revelations and privy to the Hamans plotting to take out the King. Good “luck” with that. Some of us know who the disrupters are and for now, watch the Monk video. We aren’t going anywhere! Strategy, patience, and Godly wisdom. 

“Congratulations, you’re player number one. You’re my proxy. It’s in the bylaws. I can designate someone to take my place. Don’t bring out your Queen too early.” MONK

The WARrens

Pastors Brian and Gina Guy-Warren

TruthNLove Ministries

Checkmate | Don’t Bring Out Your Queen Too Soon


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  1. Sean Swanick Avatar
    Sean Swanick

    So good! Wise words to live by.

    Thank you.

    Love The Swanick’s

  2. I am Blown away by the Wisdom & revelation that the Holy Spirit spoke to myself and my wife last night, take your time reading this one ☝️ it’s worth it. You will now begin to realize how the body of Christ has been deceived / Fooled for so many years. feel free to comment, email our ministry, or share this with others so they will begin to understand as well. God bless you all!

    Pastor Brian MrUnbreakable WARren


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