Hunter Biden and MY Days On Crack

Gina Guy-WARren


We are in the season, and it will be a long season of exposure. Without a doubt, we are witnesses and privileged to be a part of this time in history. From the Whitehouse, Courthouse, Churchouse, the schoolhouse and into our own house, the sweeper has come! A sweeper in military terms is when one employs technical means to uncover planted microphones or other surveillance devices. My friends, social media is now and is yet to uncover more than any of us can imagine. Our smartphones as we are fully aware are smarter than we can comprehend. 

Ecclesiastes 10:20, “Do not curse the king, and in your thoughts: do not curse the rich in your bedroom; for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and a bird in flight may tell the matter.” I know I’ve personally seen this passage in full operation. I don’t have to be “in prayer” to “hear” people’s thoughts. I can recall being a young child when I first began experiencing this. From sitting in a food court at a mall, knowing what the children or the parents were thinking as my heart broke for their needs, to attending a women’s retreat hearing exactly what someone was saying about me in a room down the hall. The day I spoke her very words about me to her, as she and the gossip squad passed me in the stairway of the hotel, Oh how I wish I had taken a photo of her expression! There is a great responsibility to the one who is privy to really seeing into the hearts of others. Compassion and understanding should be our primary response, followed by discernment and wisdom on how to move forward, if at all.

 “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required. To whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask more.” (Luke:12:48 AMP). Now we have social media. Not too much giftedness is required in order to hear the thoughts of man when everyone is posting about their lives, the good, bad and the ugly. But  It’s the ugly I want to talk about. The ugly we are all seeing displayed throughout social media regarding Hunter Biden. 

I would like to be clear on a few points for those who may not be familiar with where I stand on evil. I am all about exposing pedophiles, child molesters, traffickers, liars, those who defame innocent people, and predatory preachers alike. I do not tolerate this behavior nor the wake of hell they leave in the lives of their victims. Having said that, I have been burdened by the entire Hunter Biden exposure. I’ve seen the non-stop postings of Hunters videos and sexcapades filled with vile footage of hookers and crack. My heart began to break to an even greater level for this man, not to mention the “nameless” faces and nude bodies of these hookers who ultimately belong to Jesus, they just don’t know it yet. Do I feel these videos needed to be exposed as well as the emails and text messages exposing the treason this fake administration is involved in? Absolutely. My question is to all the Christian frontline leaders continually posting a new glimpse into Hunters hell. When is enough enough? Do we not hold any responsibility when distributing porn and drug use for our viewers to open these portals of hell on their own devices? For those reading this article, I have a question for you. How many of these videos are you viewing and sharing? Have you gotten on your knees after viewing Hunter and these women who were and are someone’s baby girl, and prayed for their salvation and deliverance? I have been preaching since 2015 that if we make fun of people without fail, who will they come to for help when they have their ‘come to Jesus moment’ and need a leader to help them? Can they look you up and receive the deliverance and salvation they will be seeking? Or will they comb through your social media with all the videos exposing their sin? Again, I want to reiterate that exposing evil as well as false teachers leading people to a fake Jesus, is necessary and I pray what I am expressing here is clear. This man videoed his life. When you are molested by a pedophile and you’re dying on the inside, one will express that cry for help in various ways. May I add from what I see on a lot of platforms, there are major cries for attention; it’s just not with a crack pipe and hookers. 

Why is my heart broken for this drug addict? Because I too used to be on crack cocaine.  I had three overdoses and with each one experienced 3 face to face encounters with Jesus. Crack addiction is no joke and passing around videos of someone in a demonic drug induced video will be of no value to the one viewing it. In fact, I counsel many believers that are triggered by videos. If one hasn’t received total deliverance as I have, watching this evil will be of no benefit but possibly a stumbling block!  There is a difference between abstaining and deliverance. When one abstains, if the sin or trigger is there, fighting off the urge to fall into temptation is a daily. However, if you’ve been delivered, that temptation can dance at our door and you will laugh at it and walk away. This is why it’s imperative to be counseled by born again, spirit-filled believers. Without the power of the spirit, you will never even get to the soul tie that lured you to the addiction. Why do you think this man is abusing crack and women? We all know why and it’s my prayer that Hunter Biden finds deliverance in Jesus Christ! When it came down to it, no one heard my cry for help as a child. Everyone was more fearful of the pedophile than helping the one who had experienced the assault or assaults. My crack binges were not the root of the problem, but a sub-conscience death wish! Imagine growing up in this sadistic family. It’s truly a miracle the man is still alive. The fact that I am alive can only be credited to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Someone had to be praying for me because no one helped me. I sought Jesus time after time after every drug filled, crack induced, and all things vile experiences.  What about you? Are your sins caught on tape or did you escape the social media, iPhone era? Maybe you didn’t pay for a hooker, but had one night stands time after time that didn’t get put on social media. As Ecclesiastes declares, what has been spoken or done in the bedroom has or can be carried forth by demonic intel! Sadly, we even have infiltrators in the body of Christ pretending to expose for good, all while taking what was said or done and stirring a ‘caldron’ of diabolical evil. Twisted. Speaking truth and sharing your testimony can be used against you. I think this is why many believers don’t share their stories. The betrayals come from the household of faith. Just know there are two reasons for this. Either they are involved in evil acts themselves or they have never been delivered from their own trauma. Scripture is clear to the one who has literally sinned extensively, but experienced the love and deliverance of Jesus, will be the very ones to love even harder not to mention the discernment to recognize true servants of God. These days in which we now live, it will be easy to detect those who are on the side of truth, redemption and reconciling the Body of Christ and those who are infiltrators and disrupters. Remember, some will ignore you simply out of jealousy.

 We are truly in unprecedented days. We better know that we know the lane we are in is where God called us to be. As for my life, I fully understand my calling and purpose. I am continually connected to key leaders from all 3 houses. I had 3 occasions to speak with Mike Lindell. Each time we spoke, I was instructed to speak specifically. The first was when Mike and I shared our stories about our crack days and that opened the door for two more meetings. I may be pictured with them or involved to some extent and the reason is this. My life is what my husband spoke about in the “afterward” of my book.

In John 18 we read About the arrest of Jesus but verse 37 caught my attention: “You Or a king, then! Said Pilot. Jesus answered, “you say that I’m a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” There it is, folks! Jesus knew both his call and purpose on this earth, and so does my wife, Gina! The truth tellers in this world and the truth seekers will love this type of Revelatory teaching. The fakes and lukewarm people will be exposed.” 

When the Lord sends me on an assignment, I fully understand it’s to speak truth into their lives. They will either brush me off, receive or betray and turn against me. You see, this has nothing to do with me, but with His purpose and mandate on my life. The outside viewers won’t understand, but I love what the Lord showed me in the following passage. 

Luke 7:47

“Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little.”

39 One of the Pharisees asked him over for a meal. He went to the Pharisee’s house and sat down at the dinner table. Just then a woman of the village, the town harlot, having learned that Jesus was a guest in the home of the Pharisee, came with a bottle of very expensive perfume and stood at his feet, weeping, raining tears on his feet. Letting down her hair, she dried his feet, kissed them, and anointed them with the perfume. When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man was the prophet I thought he was, he would have known what kind of woman this is who is falling all over him.”

Jesus was seen with the Pharisees and the prostitute. It was these religious leaders who discredited Jesus because of who He “was assigned to” or “who He took a selfie with”. They didn’t understand He was sent on assignment to speak a word to someone who needed to hear it or in this case with this woman, set her free! I have had the privilege of speaking with some key players of our day whether it has to do with the Whitehouse, Courthouse or the church house. I don’t enter in blindly, but I will say when the assignment is issued, I don’t examine their past or the accusations, so that I can complete my assignment with a pure heart and pure intentions. Once that assignment is finished, it will be clear who is true and who is fake. Jesus associated with whom the Father led him to, and His very presence brought division. It’s what trust does. Divides good from evil, real from the fake. Let’s continue reading.

40 Jesus said to him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Oh? Tell me.”

Out of all the Pharisees, Jesus calls out Simon. He let him know in no uncertain terms that this sinner had done more for him than Simon had done as a religious leaders. I want to take this moment to encourage all who have served with passion, purity and promise. He sees and He knows. You will be rewarded. Just let the reward come from Him, not man. 

41-42 “Two men were in debt to a banker. One owed five hundred silver pieces, the other fifty. Neither of them could pay up, and so the banker canceled both debts. Which of the two would be more grateful?”

43-47 Simon answered, “I suppose the one who was forgiven the most.” “That’s right,” said Jesus. Then turning to the woman, but speaking to Simon, he said, “Do you see this woman? I came to your home; you provided no water for my feet, but she rained tears on my feet and dried them with her hair. You gave me no greeting, but from the time I arrived she hasn’t quit kissing my feet. You provided nothing for freshening up, but she has soothed my feet with perfume. Impressive, isn’t it? She was forgiven many, many sins, and so she is very, very grateful. If the forgiveness is minimal, the gratitude is minimal.”

48 Then he spoke to her: “I forgive your sins.”

49 That set the dinner guests talking behind his back: “Who does he think he is, forgiving sins!”

50 He ignored them and said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”

I fully believe Jesus wants to forgive the grievous sins not only of Hunter Biden, but us! I love that He ignored the leaders talking behind His back, and addressed the sinner. Do you know why? Jesus will always address the broken and contrite in spirit. The humble that know where they came from and the depth of sin they’ve been forgiven of. Should we not take this same attitude even with the most vile of predators? Where is the balance of exposure and mercy? I pray we all find that place in which we’ve been called to be. The lane that He has specifically designated each of us to remain. Walking in discernment and above all, humility will be our guide. 

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  1. I unfollowed anyone who was sharing any Hunter Biden pics or videos because I do not want to view the debauchery. The fact that they were placed on 4chan and may contain images of children should have been enough for people to know that it was a trap. That information should not be in the hands of the public. But, I have found that mankind seeks to justify their own sins through viewing the sins of others. We each must be broken over our own sins to see clearly. Thank you for this word.

  2. Patty Hansen Avatar
    Patty Hansen

    Thank you for this teaching and the balanced approach at the end emphasized. This is valuable.

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