Smoke & Mirrors 

Poem by: Gina Guy-WARren


If I can speak with the tongue of angels yet have not love. If my right hand extends gratuity to my neighbor, but my left hand sheds innocent blood. If I prophecy of things to come, yet can’t see what is asked of me this day. If I look in the mirror and see my reflection and the details of my own past, yet point the finger at the present sin of my brother. If I teach with the wisdom of Solomon, yet sleep with the spirit of Delilah. If I speak to devils and command them to go, yet the demons that haunt me still reside within my own soul. If I can stand within the pools of His glory, yet not save those sinking in quick-sand. If I can give to the poor and clothe the naked, yet the garments within my own closet breed moths. If I can only see through the smoke and mirrors and see the reflection of Jesus and not myself. 

IF is a condition or supposition. Suppose IF now hangs in the balance of each of our own choices and decisions. IF is only temporary and is now at the precipice of all we have known and embraced. What if it’s all been smoke and mirrors? What if we’ve all come to this moment in time to go deeper? Not in man, but only in Him. I suppose we are all required to see through the smoke and mirrors and the only way this will happen is to See Him. Are you looking to Him, or the Fake Kings, Preachers & Profits? Jesus is the Prophet, Priest & King. Extra, Extra read all about Him. Then and only then the smoke will clear, and you will mirror truth. What IF?


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