The Emerging of Mordecai’s & Esther’s

Thank God for your adversaries and enemies! Praise Him for those who despise you and plot against your destiny. For at the very hour they are plotting and speaking lies into each other’s ears, there are others speaking on your behalf to the Father! Jesus is reminding the Father about every evil plot you exposed, every family you helped, and those whom you served and gave of yourself in their time of need—every “Esther” you took under your wing and protected. 

This is the hour that both the Mordecai’s and the Esther’s are to be honored because two are better than one—one protected, guarded, and exposed evil; the other rose to save an entire nation. One couldn’t have succeeded without the other! Just like Mordecai, your Haman will have no choice but to place a robe upon your shoulders and parade you around the city in honor. Just like Esther, the royal robe will be placed upon your shoulders, and you will have direct access to the inner courts of heaven. In this final hour, the Esthers will be privy to heaven’s strategies and plans. Jesus paid the price on the cross, granting to us an all-access pass to the Father, but we must also remember what both Mordecai and Esther endured in order to save their people. Mordecai dared to expose evil plots by evil men who were on the inside! He didn’t just “pray about it and wait to see how it worked out.” He was stationed twice in the right place, at the right time, even though he was stationed outside the courtyard and not inside. You, too, may feel as though you’ve been assigned to a place outside the courtyard and away from the action, but this was the exact location where Mordecai overheard the terroristic threats. Because of that, a robe or “mantle” was placed upon his shoulders for all to see. Esther had to muster up inner courage and face the fear of possible death. She also had to choose to be politically incorrect in order to save her people. The royal robe was placed on her shoulders, granting her authority as a queen. Rise and shine, kings and queens of the Most High God, for Haman shall tie a noose around his own neck for all to see! 

The very plot that has been executed to take you out will be the very manner in which your adversaries will be taken out. The Lord will vindicate His kings and queens in this final hour!”

Acta Non Verba: Actions, Not Words


One response to “The Emerging of Mordecai’s & Esther’s”

  1. Spot on title.
    True for the nation.
    True for the ekklesia.
    For too long a milk-toast mentality has been adopted and perpetrated generating feeble Christians and spineless Americans.

    For too long truth was deemed not worth standing up for…
    … it would make you unpopular…
    … it would make you a target…
    … it would cause disturbances…
    … it might cost you your job, family, wealth, estate, security, comfort…

    So we let it get buried.
    With it, we buried the truth about our identities in Jesus Christ.

    Time to stand.

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