Plankitis: Inability To See Clearly


By: Gina Guy-Warren

In my prophetic deliverance counseling sessions, I am seeing an influx of fractured souls reaching out for help. Without a shadow of a doubt, the healing power of the Lord is flowing throughout His entire church!  When your soul is not healed from a specific area of abuse, you will be unable to see the need for truth to be revealed in another person. As a matter of fact, you will reject the confessions of abuse because your own woundedness doesn’t contain the capacity to process this information.  When I was 5 years old, I was molested by my uncle, my mother’s sister’s husband. When I told my mom what my uncle had done to me, her response was I had a bad dream. After telling me to go back to bed from a ‘bad dream’ I was then instructed to not tell my Aunt. Shame and confusion were immediately projected upon my soul, because later in life it was revealed to me that she had been raped by her own father. It didn’t begin with her, this also happened to my aunt. The abused one isn’t believed not because they think you’re a liar, but because they have never dealt with their own abuse. How can one help another if they have been running from their own pain? My mother wasn’t emotionally capable of validating the trauma of her daughter, because her own childhood trauma as a girl had never been dealt with. You will respond to others differently when you’re whole in that area. These precious ones coming to me know this is their time to heal their fractured souls, 

I am discerning a disease infiltrating pulpits and platforms of America and it’s what I am calling ‘Plankitis’. Matthew 7:5 states, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  I am not speaking of valide exposures as some end-time warriors are courageously confronting, because there is a breed of warriors who have truly been healed from soul wounds and will fight to the death to expose perpetrators who hide behind the cloth and hurt others, including children. I understand there will be two responses when the evil deeds of those you’ve held in high esteem come to light. Either the church folks will support and believe your story or they will call you judgmental and not operating in love or even label you a witch! The latter response will be the result of two undeniable root causes in their  own lives. Either they too are actively abusing or have abused others in the past, or they’ve never dealt with the root causes  of their own abuse. If indeed the first response is in play, they will project their own soul wounds upon someone else. This behavior will be easily identifiable in leaders especially with the tools of social media. When a person is unable to deal with a situation they will respond by overly defending themselves. The hurt will be so overwhelming they will respond by crying out they are being attacked and argue their point by defending their actions and be quick to blame the other party. The wounded and most often religiously infested soul, will even go so far to say it’s the devil bringing the attack. Projecting is easier for them because they are unable to face the root causes of their own pain. As a leadership ministry, especially to other leaders, when we deal with a leader who won’t speak to the person face to face, this behavior is indicative of soul wounds. They go on social media and hide behind messages and teachings that are infested with contamination. The hearer receives the message because it is delivered in a biblical manner, so it must be a word or teaching from the Lord. So you may be asking yourself, “how will I know if this teaching is full of soul wounds or strange fire, meaning witchcraft?’  Trust that God Himself is giving them one on one time to face their own PTSD and root causes of trauma. He is privately sending them messengers and if they don’t heed the warning to go into the ICU (intensive care unit) for healing, they will be publicly removed. You will see untimely deaths as well as sickness that will take them out. Does this sound like a harsh statement? If so, the reason you’re filtering this statement as harsh, your reaction may be the direct result of an unhealed soul wound. Warriors who are fighting for the innocent, are full of the righteous indignation of the Lord. We know the sins of the Father’s have been passed down for 3- 4 generations, and we will be sure it stops with THIS generation. (Exodus 20:5-7) Infiltration has been throughout the foundations of the church for centuries now, but mark my words, time is up. We will not be the silent majority!

I would like to offer a helpful tool. If you currently find yourself amidst opposition from family members, co-workers, friends or a brother or sister in Christ, don’t be so quick to blame it on the devil or even that person.  Look introspectively and see if there is any wicked way within your own heart. King David loved His Lord, and as a warrior on the battlefield, he experienced trauma after trauma. Talk about PTSD! Yet all throughout the Psalms he cried out to God to search his own heart! Remember, if you can’t reach out for a face to face meeting or a phone conversation, it’s because your own trauma is now emerging from your past. Texting, email or facebook live is not facing your giants. It’s actually avoidance because you’ve disassociated long before due to your trauma. When we hide behind every reason possible for not speaking directly with the person, then this alone is a sign of your own woundedness.  For example, I find it curious how many Christians are able to point out democratic and republican hypocrisy, yet we can’t see it in our own lives. Do we not see the pointing of the finger on the left, and our immediate observation is they are doing exactly what they’re accusing others of doing? I tell you this very day, it’s happening in the body of Christ simultaneously! Jehovah Jireh provides exactly what you need and when you need it. Avoiding confrontation simply is a way of not dealing with the trauma of your past that your Father wants to heal. You may ask yourself why now and the answer is because the time is short and your destiny is that important. 

Pastors and Prophets will no longer be permitted to take platforms with open wounds. There was a TIME the Father allowed it, but no longer. He wants His children whole. We must deal with the PTSD caused by abuse and religion. As exposures continue to emerge, we must keep in mind, if they are true believers in Yeshua, they have been given ample time and sent many messengers to help them get free. Abuse and betrayal are no small offenses, but if we don’t deal with them, we too abuse and hurt others. The sign that a leader is operating out of hidden trauma will be their inability to speak openly and introspectively with the person they are in conflict with. They will be unable to have a conversation face to face, but will make it a preach among their followers. They will be more inclined  to state they are being attacked demonically when in fact their defensive mode is safer than facing their own pain. You will see them point the finger away from themselves towards the one their dynasty or platformed is being threatened by! 

Hosea 4:4 (NLT) “Don’t point your finger at someone else and try to pass the blame! My complaint, you priests, is with you. So you will stumble in broad daylight, and your false prophets will fall with you in the night.”

You’re loved so deeply by God that He is turning up the deliverance fire. We can either be purified by it or consumed in it. However, be advised, leaders will no longer be permitted to operate with these unchecked and traumatized soul ties. . There must be purity coming forth from the altar because a great and mighty army is arising! I love what my husband  Pastor Brian “Mr. Unbreakable” Warren said on The McFiles program the other night. “When two fighters enter the cage the last words the referee says to the opponents is ‘keep your hands up and protect yourselves.” The church must no longer go on the defense but on the offensive.  An offensive stance requires the fighter to put the pressure on his enemy, and force them to react thus causing their opponent to  defend themselves.  This will be how you can discern the wounded teacher! For the longest time the church has been counter fighting, meaning they wait to get picked off one by one and allow the enemy to put them in a corner. We’ve tolerated abuse and remained silent, because we too have been abused and we can’t overcome what we ourselves have refused to face. Let the healing begin!