Should I Stay or Should I Go?


I heard the Father speak this morning clearly. 

Tell MY people they will be faced with the circumstances as the lepers were in Samaria. They will have to choose if they STAY or GO. Many will not be able to remain in the same place or position. Death will be faced if you comply with their forced agenda, and yet you fear death of finances will be your portion if you leave; but ask them, Will they trust me?”  


(2 Kings 7)

Excerpt from my book:

2Kings 4:Enter four lepers sitting at the entrance of the gate (7:3). They began to discuss their options, knowing that if they got up from their position and entered into Samaria, they would die of hunger. They also determined among themselves if they didn’t move but chose to remain where they were, death was going to be their outcome as well. These men were faced with a decision, knowing their lives were at stake either way. After discussing what seemed to be their only two options, they decided to take a crazy risk and surrender to the army of the Syrians hoping against hope their lives might be spared (verse 4). I absolutely love what takes place next because I can hear in my spirit the word, Surprise! At dusk the lepers headed over to the Syrian camp. But when they came to the edge of the camp, not a man was to be found (verse 5). 

 That’s not what you expected was it? The prophet Elisha had already prophesied what was coming regarding the famine, and then the Lord caused the Syrian army to hear the noise of chariots, horses, and a great army advancing towards them! This sound was so loud that they assumed the king of Israel had hired both the Hittites and Egyptians to attack them! So the Syrians fled in terror, abandoning all their food and treasures. The lepers could not believe their eyes! They went tent by tent, gathering up silver, gold, and clothing. Each of these men hid the plunder and then went back for more (verses 6-8). My God, what a word of hope for all of us who feel stuck!

 The fact that these men were lepers should speak volumes of hope to our hearts. When we grasp the revelation of how this passage and their disease relates to the church today, we can then apply the underlying wisdom and be set free. These are not merely Bible stories for us to read for entertainment but to understand God sent His Word to heal our disease and deliver us from our own self-destruction (Psalm 107:20). 

 Leprosy is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium lepromatosis. Initially this infection displays no symptoms and can stay this way from five to twenty years! Symptoms that develop include (listen closely) granulomas of the nerves, respiratory tract, skin, and eyes, even resulting in the lack of ability to feel pain from injuries resulting from infection. 

God does not curse us nor destroy us; we do it to ourselves. When we walk in obedience the natural fruits will be blessings on all sides. 

Disobedience simply results in curses. We create atmospheres conducive to cultivating blessings or curses. No one can ever say we serve a mean Father. His Word is filled with step-by-step instructions to teach us how to walk in health, wealth, and blessing.


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