Exodus 14 has been preached, and prophesied by many leaders. Moses the pastor is at the precipice of his ministry and has a huge decision to make. He led his church out of slavery, out of religion, and yet “some” would rather go back to “ normal” and refuse to live within the “ new normal” of sacrificial faith! This new normal they found themselves at, would require greater sacrifices and courage (the ability to do someting that frightens them), than if they were still in slavery, yet going back to the old normal was their cry.  

Today, in this very hour, all of us face the Red Sea with our tribe, family, and pastors. The Israelites, our nation, and families all stopped at the Red Sea believing in a miracle! Pastor Greg Locke taught this chapter last Sunday. His revelation on verse 15 was to declare to the people, “Go Forward.” Prayerfully when receiving your Sunday messages, you’re going home to your own quiet time and reflections to study even further what your pastors are teaching you. I did just that and as I read verse 16, the Holy Spirit highlighted specific instructions he gave pastor Moses after he told the congregation to not stop, don’t give up, don’t comply, but go forward.  “And The Lord said to Moses, “ lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the Sea and divide it. And the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the next of the sea!”

 Leaders, church, mothers, fathers everyone under the sound of my voice. Moses was told to lift up his ROD. The Hebrew word is “ Matteh” meaning Scepter and Tribe. Your scepter is the authority God has given you. As you stay in your own lane, what areas has the Father granted you authority? Who has he given you to lead, guide and protect? Leaders, is it your flock? Mommy, is it your children as you rear them up in the Lord, friendships and decisions? The God of heaven is about to split the Red Sea on your behalf, but He is given a clear directive not only to go forward, but in doing so raise up what is in your hands! The area of authority He has gifted you in, and the resources He’s put in your hands, lift that one thing up!  Your rod is authority but your rod is also your tribe! There are those that are following you and are watching your every move. They need your help, they need your courage, they need to know you have wisdom coupled with zeal! They will see that God is with you, but you are required to lift up your rod . In addition. When this rod was lifted, a great dividing took place. Some of you don’t want to stir up, or split the waters, because you fear you will lose some around you. If Moses concerned himself with which family members, which Israelites, which tribes would or wouldn’t cross when he lifted up his rod, the ones that were courageous and full of faith, wouldn’t have made it. The Red Sea wouldn’t have divided! We must keep in mind it’s never about us, but about the souls Jesus died for. We are most certainly at the edge of the Red Sea, but we don’t want to cross by ourselves; we need to take our tribe with us! Who is your tribe? They may not be the ones you are holding back your voice and faith for! Lift up your rod! God will do the rest!