The Writing on the Wall and the Chalice


January 6, 2021

Prophesied in Washington DC After Capital “Insurrection” 

The Writing on the Wall and the Chalice


I awoke hearing “The Writing is on the Wall” and “Chalice”

I released a word a while back about “many will lose their minds.” Some will return to their right minds “after a time” while

Others will be completely given over. I’d also like to remind everyone of the word I received before they casted their vote for Trump or Biden. The Father said, “Is that your final answer?”  I saw a huge green check Mark inside of a square box. God knows where your check landed. Biden voters will be turned over to a rebate mind. Controversial word you may say? Read Daniel 5! Prophetic Words must be ‘sound’ and ‘found’ in Gods Word! We are all witnessing at this very hour the dead fruit hanging from all decisions that have been marked in history and recorded In Heavens Books!

King Belshazzar followed in his fathers King Nebuchadnezzars legacy. A true Prophet was sent and King Nebuchadnezzar LOST  HIS MIND, then returned to his right mind! Trust me when i say, We are NOW passing legacy on!   All their soothsayers, fortune-tellers and mediums can not answer their hearts cry; but you can! This is the time where those on the left and the right will NEED salvation! Torment from agreement with darkness will drive multitudes Into the “prayer” hands of those who hold the truth n love!

Just as Daniel, you have an excellent spirit! His name was changed to Belteshazzar, meaning “Protect the King!” This is what patriots all around the nation are doing. Protecting the office of the “king” the #POTUS chosen by God and millions of His people who understood the signs of the times!

Daniel was offered many gifts from the ONE he helped. This king, tormented by Satan, found answers in a man chosen by God, Daniel. You too have been chosen to stand before those who have the authority to make game-changing decisions. They will bring gifts to your bosom because they FOUND peace, forgiveness and salvation within your counsel. Be sure to hand over those gifts to those who are in need. Take care of the areas you have need of, then hand over the over-flow!

The Father knows your response will be as Daniels, “ you can keep your gifts OR give them to someone else.” This is exactly what you will do. Others around you will prosper because you were positioned to set these people free when no one else could help them. The writing is on the wall, and you’re being sent. Doors aren’t opening, but GATES are. Swing wide ye heavenly gates so the King of Glory may come in. Who is this King of Glory? Jesus strong and mighty!

Their days have been numbered and they are at the crossroads! Multitudes, multitudes are in the valley of decision. Their souls depend on the choice they now face, and you’re the messenger! Again, some will be turned over to a reprobate mind. Some will lose their minds, and return to see the Lord high and lifted up!

Second Warning. I gave this word as well a few weeks ago. Many believers, especially in leadership positions, will be attacked with their past. Daniel 6:4 declares the administration attempted to bring up Daniels past. This is what I see the devil doing against those who HAVE repented and changed their wicked ways. We must

Cover the Body of Christ because if GOD

Forgave them (us) we too must not dredge up their past sins. Be careful. If you’re one who does this to another, the sheet will be pulled from your own life exposing what you hoped would never be seen!

“Your gifts have made room for you, and now it’s time to clean house for the chalice has been passed from generation to generation and I am breaking the curse, says the Lord! They will drink of the cup that gives life, not death! The redeeming power of the blood of my Son shall replace their blood sacrifices. For His blood speaks! You will tell them it’s time!  Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel. Go my son, offer them my forgiveness for their sins.

Show them the writing on the wall, for as soon as Daniel was sent to King Belshazzar, the king took his final breath.  The Time is now.”

A chalice, which is a goblet-shaped wine glass, has long been a symbol of the Christian church. It symbolizes the glass from which Jesus Christ drank with his disciples during the Last Supper. It is also viewed as a symbol of Christ’s power to redeem humankind

Gina Guy-WARren

Truth-N-Love Ministries




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