Prophecy on 45

Given on 7/01/2021.

(See full teaching on “Shepherds, Sheep & Watchman: False Prophets Puncture Sheep” under “teachings”) 

“My beloved and faithful warriors, fear not neither be dismayed by what your eyes see. I remind you that I taught you how to pray that my kingdom come, my will be done on earth as it already is in heaven. The courts of heaven have rendered the verdict and President Trump is legally your second term President. Why do those who call themselves by my name tell my sheep to bow down to what is not legal in heaven? Why do you continue to beat and puncture my sheep to the point of condemnation and fear? Is it not your own soul that is wounded by these ‘prophecies and teachings’ that flow from your mouths? Why do you continue in your dyslexic teachings, telling my people earth has determined what is legal when heaven doesn’t recognize this thief? You sent yourselves and entered through your own portals, not the gate which is accessed by the blood of my Son! I have this against you! You say you love me, yet you sit among the accursed and among accursed things. I am about to remove you from your man-made pulpits and the new pulpits that come forth will not look like the ones you created for your puppet shows. I am cutting the strings off the necks of my people, and setting them free. I hold all permits in heaven and just like the farmer in this story, I too can choose to release the sound that will make every heart tremble, but I see what you don’t. The new eagles that are being birthed as we speak are of my primary concern. My purpose is always to save souls and if I sound the alarm now and grant permission to those who love and serve me with a legitimate love, it will shake the faith of the generation of leaders I am reserving for an end time harvest! Do not be discouraged for there is a great company of prophets arising that cannot be bought or seduced, therefore I have made them privy to secrets of heaven. I’ve given them permission to access rooms of heaven that have opened their eyes in ways those who’ve gone before them have only  desired to see. As for those hirelings leading my people astray, I’ve instructed my righteous ones to move the sheep to a safe place away from the false eagles. You will now witness them begin to take each other out because they will be unable to access the sheep I’ve reserved and protected. There are those I’ve entrusted to care for the innocent ones who were hit by friendly fire and caught in the crossfire. I need you to be aware that even those who are prophesying truths of great exposures to come, are only beginning to do so because they are stealing information from others and announcing it as their own revelations. I will not be mocked and neither will those I’ve reserved who carry a pure word from heaven. I will make all motives known and the writing will be on the wall.  I am exposing through signs, symbols and even body language many will not be able to hide from. Why do you cry aloud as if your God has abandoned you? To reject you, would be to reject myself. The greatest awakening the nations have ever experienced is now upon the church! I will have a spotless and pure bride. I love her with an everlasting love and I am jealous of her attention to anyone other than myself! Turn your eyes and hearts towards me and your vision will be clearer than anything you’ve previously experienced in my presence. No more general and lengthy prophecies will I tolerate for it is distracting and takes time and attention away from what I desire their attention to be on! I will wash away the filth of the women of Zion: I will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by a spirit of judgement and a spirit of fire. Then you will assemble together in purity and power with a cloud of smoke by day and a glow of flaming fire by night; over all the glory will be a canopy. It will be a shelter and a shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain, saith the Lord. 


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