Recognizing & Understanding the Spirit of Jezebel: Examine ourselves!

Gina Giy-WARren


If we want to recognize and understand the spirit of Jezebel, we must first examine ourselves, and how religion has woven itself through the fabric of our own lives. Constant exposure of others, operating through this spirit, without humble self-examination, will undoubtedly become the very thread of religion binding our own character.

It’s time to loosen, release, detach, unfetter and set free the Body Of Christ from religion so that TRUE deliverance can take place. 

Thread: a theme or characteristic, typically forming one of several, running throughout a situation, or a piece of writing. 

Woven: interlacing long threads, passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them

Launching Februarys Interactive Church this evening. We have tackled amazing subjects thus far, and this one will rock each of us to our core. If we allow HIM to do the work of exposure in our own lives first!


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