Storehouses Abandoned: Harvest Time!

Gina Guy-WARren


On 7.22.2022 I had an amazing dream. I knew immediately the Father was speaking to me of what was coming as our transition into our new land was just as much as a fight as it was leaving California to Tennessee. For the past few days, the Holy Spirit has been layering this dream with scripture to back it up, along with layers upon revelation. He then told me, “Gina, this isn’t just about you and Brian, this is for my family. Share it!”

I’ve waited until i could articulate the full scope of this “now word” for the true Remnant who’ve been torn apart at the seams. I’ve been declaring for some time now to remain close with the ones or the tribe God has brought you. Not only will you need each other in the evil days to come, but listen to this precious ones! They need to remain not only for evil times, but Good times as you will share the wealth! Now i am far from what some circles would call “prosperity preachers.”  I do believe we need the wealth and prosperity just as Joseph was lined up to help his family. One thing I can tell you is that’s it’s been a fight on all sides! How many of you have been in a fight that was not just in one area, but on multiple fronts at one time? I want to encourage you! God’s about to place in your hands what your family is in need of! Sadly, some have left you and left your side but the ones around you are about to receive an inheritance! It will come from YOUR hands! Be encouraged, some will return to you asking for forgiveness for the hate, jealousy, misunderstandings and even attempted murder. What is required of us? To love them! Remember, love is not only expressed by keeping an open heart but also it’s also includes setting boundaries! Don’t allow your heart to be a revolving door of abuse. Put evil in its place and expose it, but also keep in mind, even those who carry a murderous spirit will need a place to go when famine hits their land. Trust me, it’s closer than you think. 

As you read the story surrounding Joseph, please grasp the intentional word the Father has asked me to share with you. Even though “some” of the following is personal to myself and Pastor Brian, understand this is YOUR word. Receive it in Jesus name 

In my dream Brian♥️ and I were given a home.  When we arrived at the house, we walked in for the first time. The home was filled with furniture and all kinds of different items. Literally as we looked around the home, every room we went into had items of extensive worth. Nothing was personal like clothing items or such but were either decorative or having to do with the ”trade” or lucrative business they ran. I looked up at a loft area and again more items that appeared to be something that was part of their inheritance. The loft specifically had items from their business or something they were involved in for years. You could tell it was a great investment that surrounded their lives. We couldn’t believe that the owner had left all of this in the home. My first thought was we can’t sell this or claim any of it! I was thinking how I needed to reach them so I could return all of this . And then SUDDENLY  I realized the owner gave us the home and intentionally left all of these valuables in every room for us. Not only the home, but everything in it was now in our possession lawfully for it was given to us! 

I shared this dream with a friend who came into our lives back when we transitioned from California to Tennessee. She prayed me through until we safely rested in Franklin and I was able to complete my book and publish it. She later contacted me just as we were beginning to transition out of Tennessee. She immediately was filled with joy and a deeper interpretation of which I will share only the portion I sense is for all of you precious ones awaiting your inheritance! 

“ There is an inheritance in this region that is being passed down to you. There were many who came here, who plowed the ground, who planted, who sowed, some gave all they had to give to this region. They never reaped the harvest that was due them. Many abandoned their inheritance before it came to fruition. They built a STOREHOUSE for the future. The STOREHOUSE has been kept hidden for a time to come. YOU will tap into the STOREHOUSE once you arrive in this land.”

Immediately when I read the word the Lord  gave her, in its entirety, I bore witness. The personal matters were right on target for what my husband and I have already shown regarding our next assignemnt. ( Prophets should only confirm what the Father has told you. He will speak to you first to some degree or another). 

After the dream, I was on a security post awaiting for my Husband to come pick me up when all of a sudden, a man approached us. Now I had a brief conversation with him a week prior so he knew my name and ministry. He approached us with a box of 7 ears of corn. He handed it to us and said, “ I know what you’re doing right now is just buying time until you move. This isn’t what you’re called to do, but you’re being faithful. I watched your YouTube video and I’m so sorry for what Greg Locke did to you. When he jumped off that platform to call you a witch, I saw the evil. He is a distraction ( he spoke more but I’ll omit that). God told me to give you this corn from an organic farm.”  We thanked him and both Brian and I received this precious gift with thankfulness.  ( Notice the picture Brian took of me holding the corn, my foot is standing on the word ”family” Signs and Wonders)

It wasn’t until I got home that the Father said,” Gina, I asked him to bring you the corn because it’s now harvest time. There are 7 ears of corn because you and Brian have suffered greatly for 7 years. You’ve been obedient from both regions of California, with victory over the courts, to Tennessee with yet another victory over Jezebel in my church.”  He continued to speak and i will keep the rest to myself. ( before we could leave California, we faced criminal charges for a restraining order that was served against us for preaching. We continued to preach and it turned to a criminal charge. The district attorney dropped the charges on the first day of court. Our public defenders won their first case. The DA approached me outside the courthouse, declaring he got saved watching all my videos searching for evidence to back up these charges against us. He thanked us for what we do).  We left California on New Years Day!  Victory over the ”courthouse”

The next layer of revelation came a couple days ago. The Lord reminded me of what happened to Joseph.  Joseph shared his dreams and revelations with those he trusted. His own family! But because they were jealous of him, that jealously turned to an entire plot to murder him, but eventually he was trafficked! Yes, he was sold at 17 years of age. That’s human trafficking to sell your own family. There’s plenty of that going on now in the ”church family”. Funny how some who have no clue encourage us to “move on”. Not gonna happen on our watch until every slave, every child is set free. 

So I began to read Genesis 37 and the revelation is far too great to share in this article. But let’s take some bite size portions here and you will certainly be able to identify “your Joseph moments” and the victory the Father has in store for you. After Joseph shared his dream publicly, a spirit of jealousy arises among the family. We then find Joseph wandering around looking for his brothers. His heart is still to be with his family, but as for the brothers their jealousy now turns into the spirit of murder. They can’t just be quiet and move on. They obviously were so tormented from Josephs dream, that they continued to mock him calling him a “dreamer” and I’m sure other things that are not written in this text.  Keep in mind, what your enemies speak out in the mocking, will be the very thing you did that is now tormenting them. But God knows and God hears. We understand the story goes on of how Joseph is thrown into a cistern. That’s prophetic in itself, and his life is preserved within the cistern. Ultimately Joseph ends up in the kings palace.” 

The revelation is endless as you study this story of Joseph and most importantly how this relates to you and I in the “now”. We understand during the times of famine in the land, Joseph’s family, his haters and all who abandoned him, were in need of the inheritance God gave Joseph.

Please listen when I tell you. I was instructed to share this word with you. It’s for you! A gift of hope from the Father!

There are some who’ve had their inheritances stolen, some simply abandoned possessions while others were taken out prematurely. There are those who literally couldn’t fight any longer and didn’t make it to the finish line! Warriors Arise! Be strong in His glorious might! The Harvest is here! Riches stored up are being transfered OUT of the hands of the wicked into your hands. Great transfers from those who labored for good, left behind possessions that will know be placed in your hands. Great wealth is needed in this hour. Even the wicked will see favor upon you and give into your bosom! The reason for this must be grasped! Here me. When you are blessed, the wicked will be drawn to you. These resources are to be used for the saving of many souls. Oh precious ones, do you see the hour you’re in? This pit was specifically designed to take you to your inheritance and at the same time reveal the true intentions and motives of those who threw you in. Be encouraged. The Storehouse is full. God never wastes resources or valuables. The most valuable commodity is the soul Jesus Christ spilled His blood for. Humanity. Resources, inheritance, all worldly valuables are transferring to you so that, many souls will be saved.

The ears of corn are bowing and it’s time for recompense! 

Deuteronomy 6 ( msg) 

When God, your God, ushers you into the land he promised through your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give you, you’re going to walk into large, bustling cities you didn’t build, well-furnished houses you didn’t buy, come upon wells you didn’t dig, vineyards and olive orchards you didn’t plant. When you take it all in and settle down, pleased and content, make sure you don’t forget how you got there—God brought you out of slavery in Egypt.

13-19 Deeply respect God, your God. Serve and worship him exclusively. Back up your promises with his name only. Don’t fool around with other gods, the gods of your neighbors, because God, your God, who is alive among you is a jealous God.


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  1. This is absolutely spot on an incredible! Thank you so much for delivering this! God is so good and He is so faithful!!

    Many many Confirmations!

  2. Patty (patriciainsd) Avatar
    Patty (patriciainsd)

    I receive this Word with great anticipation. It means so much more to me than material. I have been waiting on the Lord for Peace, Unity, Healing & Restoration in my Family….exposing the enemy with a forgiving heart for those that have been used by him. Please pray for my family. Thank you. God Bless you both with this new path ahead that God has planned for you.🙏❣️

  3. Karen williams Avatar
    Karen williams

    Thank you for sharing this!! I have been reading about Joseph and God has been speaking to me through His word. Your word for us is conformation for me and Aubrey. We love y’all and what y’all stand for TRUTH❤️🤍💙 thank you so much!!!

  4. Kristin Curlott Avatar
    Kristin Curlott


  5. Standing in agreement.
    Genesis 41.

    -Standing in the gap, intercessory prayer & repentance
    Numbers 6:24-26
    Zechariah 4:6

    1. Gina Guy-WARren Avatar
      Gina Guy-WARren

      Praise God!!

    2. Gina Guy-WARren Avatar
      Gina Guy-WARren


  6. Standing for the 7 good kine, the 7 good spiritual years.
    Asking for the geshem rain.
    Hosea 6:3
    Joel 2:23

    I thank God for you.

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