Gina Guy-WARren


1 Timothy 5:24-25

“ The sins of some are obvious, reaching the place of judgment ahead of them; the sins of others trail behind them. In the same way, good deeds are obvious, and even those that are not cannot be hidden forever.

When I began studying this chapter, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, ”The focus is on the exposing of all evil deeds that have been hidden from the eyes of my people, thus setting free captives who have remained silent, but at the same time the good deeds of my people will equally be exposed. You have remained silent going about your Father’s business and many have no idea the cup of cold water you’ve served to a hurting people. These deeds will not be hidden forever. You didn’t not forfeit your heavenly blessing.”

My mind quickly recalled Matthew 6:1,” Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father’s heaven.” The Apostle Paul took the time to mentor Timothy in all things concerning the church. From warning how to recognize false teachers, to instructions concerning worship, instructing properly identifying Overseers and Deacons in the church, and concluding in Chapter 5 explicit instruction regarding widows. I was corrected by the Holy Spirit a couple weeks ago on my perspective in regards to widows as I’ve always taught a widow is a woman left without a husband. Thank God I remain in his Word, because our beliefs, opinions and espcially those of us who call ourselves teachers, must be based on scripture. Anyway, that’s a teaching most certainly for another time because 1 Timothy 5:7 states, ”Give the people these instruction, too, so that no one may be open to blame.” You see, the Father desires His children to be blameless and in order to live a blameless life, humility and surrender to His Lordship is critical because Paul states that in fact some, have already turned away to follow satan. I don’t now about you, but that declarative statement alone hurts my heart. What do you mean a believer, yes someone who gave their life to Jesus, can actually turn away and follow satan. It’s happening in droves, especially due to the explosion of social media platforms. I am reserving much teaching for the time the Lord releases me back out on platforms to interview and teach and it will NOT be what any of us expect! So as I mentioned, when I heard the Lord speak this title to my spirit, I was both excited and taken because for those of us who have been behind the scenes, we desire our reward to be from Heaven itself, not man.

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with my best friend of close to 30 years. We don’t always have time for phone calls, but we keep each other lifted. However, yesterday we both poured our hearts out. We’ve been through some ‘stuff’ so to speak, and the reason she’s Jonathan to my David, is because we are loyal to each other, but first and foremost, women of solid faith. I know when I speak with her I can share all the awesome miracles God is performing throughout this ministry, but at the same time I can share my concerns and heartaches. How even after such ludicrous lies, some stopped speaking to Brian and I or even supporting our ministry, while a faithful bouquet of partners remain. I told her I had lunch with another dear sister, Jean, “Miss Patty-cake” to all generations of little ones and a how a chosen few remain close as God’s beautiful reminder. No matter how difficult my call is to be a truth-teller, we know it causes some to run or distance themselves, jealousy, and of course hate and lies. We giggled after I shared some serious trials and decisions my husband and I face yet again. After I poured out my heart, I said, ”Ok, I’m done feeling sorry for myself.” I remind you, this sister has known me since my babies were in diapers. She has seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly, yet has loved me through it all. You see there are those who will use your conversations against you for harm, and then there’s my sister. Spirits must be tested, and when you have a 30 year friendship with someone, they know all about you. She reminded me of all the good I’ve done, always a glory carrier, and saving children. She reminded me to be still. God will come through. We shared so much about her life, children and grandchildren, that I really didn’t camp out on that portion of our conversation. We ended our talk with saying, ”When we are under pressure, feeling overwhelmed, we send a text that simply says, “PRAY”! Warriors don’t have to speak into the atmosphere everything happening to them but to simply send out an SOS for prayer is enough. I am thankful for a handful of these sisters. You know who you are! We know God is faithful and we are aware that truth is never hidden, or denied, just sometimes truth remains in a holding pattern. Saints, it’s in that holding pattern we can get discouraged.

I would also like to shed some light on what you may be feeling as well. Not everything you’re going through or struggling at, is about you. My husband reminded me yesterday of something and I’d like to share this with you.

Here’s one of the texts from my husband yesterday, ”I believe the Lord is teaching me and you something right now to share with the people, it’s not about us. What we are feeling is in reality what they are really going through! We are feeling what they are feeling! That’s the wisdom the Lord is giving to me. If We, (me and you), don’t feel like reaching out or reaching back, to communicate with anybody, can you imagine how the rest of these people feel right now! Ok, rest up! The Lord is going to speak to you.”

Indeed, He did and has my love! Leaders must lead and how do we lead? Vulnerability, transparency, humility, and with the wisdom of the Lord. Since I founded this ministry almost 15 years ago, I knew our mission would be to gather and equip His Remnant for battle. I want to reiterate what I heard this morning! ” Evil is being exposed to everyone but that’s NOT the focus for you precious ones. What is the focus? Your good deeds will be exposed and people will be drawn to you because the Father will now openly reward you for what has been done in secret! Just as my husband and I have been feeling to withdraw and remain secluded, we understand this is exactly how the church is feeling. When all the reports are that the church is evil, it’s corrupt and God’s exposing all of it, yet what is there for the righteous one to glean from? If anyone has followed this ministry at all or read my book, I don’t even need to explain that from the White House, courthouse and church house God is cleaning all three houses. I am the first to say expose these false profits and pedophile preachers. Rescue our children from the hands of these evil doers. You better believe we are doing that, but as the same time, we must give hope to those watching all of this go down. I pray the Lord has used me to impart a mantle of Hope in a time of the great exposers. You too will be exposed! For all those homeless people you cared for, the checks you’ve written for those in need, the children you rescued from their handlers, from the addict you paid for a hotel room ,for taking the time to call a friend who needed comfort……Go ahead. Add your good deeds to the list because God’s about to reward you. In the same way, your good deeds are obvious, and even those that are not cannot be hidden forever.