Terrify The Dark

Gina Guy-WARren


Hear this today precious ones. 

🔥The light you carry, which illuminates Jesus Himself, terrifies the dark! 

Everything evil and contrary to Gods promises in your life, is literally terrified by the purity that comes forth within This glorious light.  🔥

The darker the onslaught against you only requires you to Walk In the Light of His presence. Your family, loved ones and all who know you will either draw nearer or distance even further. Many won’t want to be associated publicly with your name. God will reveal Why and when that revelation appears, you will release them into their own journey without prejudice. 

We are in the times of no more middle ground. You’ll take a stand with your family, friends and even your faith! All this is working out for your good!❤️

So many calls and emails this week as you are under attack as well as your children. Again, you’re terrifying the dark. Evil breeds in darkness. Lies, betrayal, wickedness, addiction and all things Satan himself. Those who don’t cling to Jesus will fall into many traps in the coming days. Don’t find it odd that you’re feeling alone. Not everyone can take this journey with you nor will they understand. It’s YOUR journey, not theirs. 

Today I encourage you to terrify the dark don’t let the dark terrify you. For their are many who deceptively carry both dark and light. One moment evil, the next moment light. Test the spirits! Love takes time. Be kind. Love one another in their journey even if you don’t understand it. This will be the fruit of those who walk in the Light. Jesus is Love. Jesus is light! Now go! Terrify the dark even if it means you are standing alone in the natural realm! There are many for you and your children than those against you ❤️ 




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  1. Excellent!

    1. Katrina Boyd Avatar
      Katrina Boyd

      Thank you for this word…as soon as you said you were recieving emails of many being attacked…I felt at ease knowing I am not alone in that! ( Not that I want others to be in that situation!) But thank you for your words of inspiration! I WILL keep fighting!

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