You’re About To Be Privy To Details

Gina Guy-WARren 3.17.22

On our walk today we had the privilege of seeing a bald eagle 🦅 on his post as momma eagle was in the nest high above the waters protecting the babies. We looked through the “community” telescope provided. So anyone who was curious as to what was going on, had the ability to see. However, there was a woman standing next to me looking with her own professional binoculars. She saw how excited I was and handed me hers. Guess what I saw up close? Daddy Eagle getting a fish in the water and way up above in the tree, mommas head along with the eaglets!! I saw color and I saw babies!

Everybody has the ability to discern on their own, and hear from heaven. If we ask He will give us the eyes of an Eagle ,but when I was handed those personal binoculars, and I saw details. It wasn’t until I arrived home that I heard the Father speak to me.

“ I have reserved eagles who will see details others can’t see. My daughter, you will be privy to see what heaven sees and some of this will break your mother’s heart but I must show you. This is the passion that drives me my daughter. This is the compelling force that will drive you as well ; You will be a momma eagle and save the up and coming eaglets!

I promise you, everything happening from the White House ,Courthouse, Church House is about the children!

May this heavenly word bless some of you whom this is for as well ♥️


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