When Your Adversary Puts You In An Armbar

Gina Guy-WARren


My husband decided after 9 years of retirement from MMA, to enter the cage

once again. At the young age of 47, something stirred within his soul, and he

couldn’t shake it. The 170lb Welterweight World Title fight for King Of The Cage was calling out

to my warrior. I have since learned, and am still learning, the way

of a warrior. Men like Brian “Mr. Unbreakable” WARren are a

rare breed these days! From candy-coated preachers who from the pulpit speak

words like ” join us for men’s fellowship tomorrow” to narcissistic preachers

contantly making fun of homesexuals due to their own insecurites, Brian just

couldn’t seem to relate to or find Godly men who were true fighters in life and

for God’s people. In 2013 when Brian and I were just friends, he invited me to

his fight and expressed I could purchase tickets. I innocently asked what are the

best seats and with an unusual grin, he said the most expensive  seats would land me

front and center where the view would be bloody. I was appalled and intrigued

at the same time. Growing up, I couldn’t be in the same room with my father and

brothers as they watched boxing all day. How could anyone be

entertained by it, let alone know the fighter and sit in the front row? This

gentle-hearted preacher girl was about to find out as I was soon to enter a different arena of the

school of the warrior. Many like to sign up for online courses so they can

receive their “school of the prophet” certificates. Because deep down

inside, they want to make the famous contaminated list of ‘whose who’ and ‘who

knows what” daily. Those courses never interested me because I was too busy

living this subject out in my everyday life. However, this was something altogether

different. When I met Brian, I knew the Father was introducing  me to a

whole new world, and this wasn’t something I could learn by taking an online

course or a cardio kickboxing class at the gym. 

 In September of 2013, the day of Brian’s fight, I prayed over him and gave this focused fighter a now word. “Brian, the Holy Spirit told me you wouldn’t take a hit in this fight.” If you could’ve seen his face! It was like, “ok little one, thank you for praying for me, but you’re not aware of what fighters will face once they enter that cage.” ( This statement alone should cause all of us who don’t have this fight experience to take pause).That day, as family and friends converged to the Inland Empire in support him, the main event began. But wait, I hear crickets. Oh that was the sound of his opponent who left the building  just before their fight, leaving Brian standing alone in the cage. I suppose this little one did hear from the Father correctly. His son didn’t take a hit. Soon thereafter, Brian was ordained by Pastor Harold Dewberry, the same Pastor who ordained me in 2008. Pastor Brian always shares that the spiritual battle is so much greater than the physical battle because at least you know who your opponent is. He explains that though fighters enter the cage to win at any cost, they leave the fight shaking hands with great respect and loyalty. Sadly, the church shows themselves not to be warriors as they take each other out and don’t fight for the common goal, which is to save souls from hell.

Now married, and being schooled together in life and in ministry for the past 6 years  Brian tells me he feels the need to re-enter the cage. My flesh said no immediately, but my Spirit knew there was a reason, yet to be revealed, why this warriors heavenly Father was calling him back into the cage! This entire journey will be told in detail in the near future, but I would like to teach you something we both learned from this World Title Fight on November 18, 2021.

July of 2021, Mr. Unbreakable began training for his fight. Like I said, I am still learning the way of a warrior, and unbeknownst to me, my schooling would be accelerated! On August 25th, in the middle of his 80-hour work week, running daily into the gym to train, he then tells me Holy Spirit spoke to him that we need to visit a well known Mega church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  My first thought was, no way, I will not go to a church, then I quickly understood why my husband was being drawn at this time. He saw this outspoken, controversial evangelist as a fighter who wasn’t afraid to stand up against injustice. Brian told me we need to get with those who believe like we do during tumultuous times. About a month into visiting this church, we were invited onto the  new safety team/security team. I recall sitting with two men, (one who left right after we joined the team because he was bullied by the evangelist’s right hand) asking the Lord, what in the world was a preacher girl doing sitting in a security meeting?

Again, I was being schooled in the way of a warrior, and no online course would earn me a certificate. Brian was working these obnoxious hours all while we both served as personal protection for these church leaders.  We even offered to train their children and some staff at our apartment. We did so with a servant’s heart, never asking for a penny. We didn’t stop to rest as Brian trained for his fight. I kept food prep going so my husband was properly nourished for this battle. (Fast forward, we were more than a security assignment, but were welcomed as friends and mentors on a personal level) until January 2022, when we too were let go after this 5-month journey, with a 60 second phone call, not from our friends and leaders of this church, but from the same man who bullied the security member).

For all the enquiring minds who must know, we will be on The McFiles March 16th to share the conclusion of this warrior training).

Fight Night, November 18 has arrived and now I face my teacher head on! You see, Brian asked me to corner him in this battle. I was instructed to keep my game face on and not throw in the towel no matter what I saw in that cage. To my knowledge, we are the only husband and wife pastoral team to corner a fighter in the MMA arena. 

Yes, as a wife I was firmly told not to call the fight. You see the way of a

warrior can’t be taught from a pulpit, an online course or any other

theoretical avenue. Theory won’t work alone, but we must walk out the practical. Faith without works is dead. ( James 2:14)

I recall when I was studying for one of my physical education credits as a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) The written portion was easy, but now I had to practice exactly what I read and learned in the book, and if I didn’t execute these exercises properly, I could bring bodily harm to my clients. So, folks,

we must embrace our teachers both in theory and in the practical walking out of

the trial or exercise. Obviously, we have so much to share and teach just from

this 5-month journey, however it’s the “armbar” I would like to bring

your attention to.

 Let’s look at the definition of an armbar: A joint LOCK (can’t

make this up for you prophetic readers out there), where the elbow is

hyperextended to cause pain or injury. Combat technique. Kimitoshi (Japanese

meaning, to weaken the opponent’s grip).  While in prayer one day before his

fight, the Holy spirit told me Brian would not break a bone. This much needed

word from the Lord was vital because in round 2 of the fight, Buddy Clinton who

is a  blackbelt Jiu Jitsu expert  under Royce Gracie (an art of weaponless fighting employing holds, throws, and paralyzing blows to subdue or disable an opponent), had Brian on the ground in an Armbar. As I saw my husband’s arm twist behind his back, I remembered my

warrior training. Keep your game face, don’t show the enemy fear, and don’t

throw in the towel. The amazing part of this experience is I had zero fear and

the word of the Lord in my spirit. “The Lord told me Brian won’t break any bones in this fight.”

Indeed, the crowd was in awe as my husband escaped the armbar! For the first time during Buddy Clinton’s career, he was unable to submit his opponent. Buddy won

by decision.

As I mentioned before, this entire 5-month journey that led this

Fight night is interwoven with so much teaching and wisdom. No doubt my

medical clinic days in Sudan, Africa prepared me for this cut man, corner man position that my husband honorably granted me. As I tended to my husband’s facial lacerations, I did my best to keep his heart and mind calm. As we approached our 7-year anniversary on 2.22.2022, I had no idea we would walk out the greatest evil unleashed upon us since becoming man and wife. However, when Brian asked me to corner him, he expressed that I needed this experience because something was coming and I would need this real life -hands on-in your face fighting experience. He was also instructed by the Father to place his winning belt around my waist.  Although he was greatly disappointed, Mr.Unbreakable didn’t win the new belt, however he kept his word as he always does. As the cameras were rolling, and we all celebrated Buddy’s win, you can hear Buddy say, “now we are both champions, let’s pray, you lead!”  They knelt down in the center of the cage where they just tried to take each other out in the highest level of combat sports competition as the crowd witnessed a great deal of honor and respect.  The name of Jesus was lifted up before the world by two legends in the MMA industry. This was a great show of Godliness by two blood bought believers!  What an example my husband was to his opponent and the world. This is how warriors execute loyalty and respect! Then Brian placed his KOTC championship belt form exactly 10 years prior around my waist for the world to see. He whispered in my ear, “This represents Ephesians 6, the belt truth. You’ve always walked in truth but now you’re ready for your next assignment!”

The pressures and trials we face in life are our greatest teachers and lessons.  Remember, Jesus NEVER allows anything or anyone into your life to test you, without His permission

first. When life is the hardest and when we are in the midst of circumstances

that requires a decision, this will be the true litmus test of what’s in us and what we are made of.

Character can’t be hidden when the fire is turned up and your TEACHER has

arrived. This is when we know that we know we’ve passed our test by our

response to the heat. What comes out of our mouths is a direct flow of what

fills our hearts. Weigh everything you say and do carefully.

Your promotion depends on how you respond. Every individual is fully responsible for their own spiritual growth and obedience. Every action or reaction will unveil our character or lack thereof. Nothing will be hidden from this time forward! Pressure reveals a man’s desires and character. I continue to learn from my husband everyday. He carries real-time fight experience which enables him to remain calm in extreme and dangerous situations. He reacts or responds according to how dangerous the immediate threat may or may not be. Silence and Non Reaction is the sign of a real experienced warrior.

Real fighters walk in a calm and humble demeanor. They exude confidence with their very presence. They don’t seek attention but demand respect and loyalty. “-Brian “Mr.Unbreakable” Warren 2x Championship Belt holder

A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control. I also think that’s part of what makes the world peaceful. If you’re around people who are dangerous but disciplined then everyone watches their step!” -Author Unknown

Isaiah 30:20 20

Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction,

your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them.


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