“ I AM issuing hazing permits. I’ve moved my lambs to a safe place and now you will see the false prophets take each other out. Do you not think I could not wipe out those who’ve assaulted and punctured my lambs and left them to die in the killing fields of the nations? Yet the spilled blood of the martyrs and of the unborn babies cries out from the ground. The blood of your brothers and sisters cry out from the ground. They have been sacrificed, yes even by the hands of those who say they are my shepherds, yet they massacred the innocent. The killing fields shall be revealed as well as the dumping grounds thought to remain hidden. NO more saith the Lord of heaven. The devil has put a hit out on the lives of this generation, but their blood speaks louder than the lies of the predators! The blood of my Son covers them! Understand this, I’ve chosen to hold back the sound of the trumpet, and as he is being prepared for the end time assault on the deep state, so will my emerging prophets come forth simultaneously and unearth the contamination of my church. This is my plan to sift out the wicked from the weak. Are not my ways higher than yours?
DNA exists that will reveal hidden truths they thought would never be found.

My watchmen are now hearing the sounds of the cries rising up from the earth. I’ve tried to show many that came before these, but because they wanted their platforms reserved, they chose to ignore what I spoke to them in signs, wonders and dreams. Those I am raising up will display courage like nothing ever seen or heard before. I’ve prepared them to see the evil to be unveiled and they carry my heart for vindication and justice. These are my end time glory carriers. They are fully aware of the danger ahead but love not their lives unto death. I urge you now to pay attention and keep your hearts pure as evil is unveiled. Truth is not always welcomed. My Son is the Way, Truth and the Life and those who pick up their cross and follow will receive the crown of the overcomer.”