Whether you’re a survivor of Sex-Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Addiction or  Trauma due to Life and Religion, we can help! 

Brian and Gina Guy-WARren are both

Ordained Licensed Pastors

Gina has a passion to help those dealing with Trauma. Not every situation calls for “deliverance.”  When you receive the truth regarding your personal struggle and how it all started, healing will come!  If you’re wanting in depth Spiritual help, you’re in the right place at the right time! While Doctors continue to prescribe medications, increases doses, and play games with your mental health, it’s time to stop and revaluate your decisions. Gina will get to the root of the problem in a loving way. 

Unresolved trauma or inner tension will often cripple our personalities and suppress growth and maturity. It’s also important to understand that after 90 days, pharmaceuticals become a part of one’s personality. Suppressed inner pain is the major cause of most compulsive and addictive behaviors. 

A competent counselor must be able to discern the entry point in which God’s order has been violated, resulting in inner trauma of the individual. Trauma is both suppressed and multiplied when one seeks ONLY to be prophesied over with no breakthrough revelation that sets the person free!

To fully enter into rest, these areas must be free. (mind, will, emotions) Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can give us the power to set us free from past painful traumatic experiences. 

If you or someone you love is in need of counseling, please contact us! DID (disassociate identity disorder), PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), gender confusion, addiction, marriage, pornography, deliverance. 

 Donation:  $122.00   (May vary )

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(Please note: If you would like a brief phone call, that link option is available. However, this donation is for REAL COUNSELING with an ordained pastor. This is not a ‘prophesy over me session’. I take the time to work through family history, roots and portals that have been opened. This is time consuming and is NOT a ‘just pray over me for deliverance).

I encourage scheduling with your local church pastor for counseling and laying on of hands. We are not a church building and offer help to anyone who comes to us.

If you do not have the ability to donate for your session, please send us an email explaining your situation. 

Book your session below. Once both donation and waiver are received, a zoom link will be emailed.

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 These steps must be done within a 24 hour period to assure your appointment due to the high volume of needs. Please email your Waiver to info@truthnloveministries.org 

  • Upon Confirmation from the Holy Spirit, Gina offers life-coaching mentorship 
  • The Warrens also travel to various locations, churches or homes to offer more intense one on one sessions. They are available for conferences and retreats. 
  • Rescue Or Intervention: Contact for detailed information
  • Contact us to report an abduction or abuse
My name is Kristin.  For over 10 years I was on an antidepressant and continued to struggle with my mental health. I suffered from migraines, anxiety, stomach ulcers, and kidney stones to name a few issues. I prayed the Lord would lead me to a “drug” free lifestyle. I have followed The WARrens since 2018 and wanted to meet them while on a family vacation. We were passing through Tennessee  so reached out Pastor Gina Guy-WARren and requested a meeting with her and her husband Pastor Brian. They opened up their schedule to make time to visit our family.  During that lunch Pastor Gina prophesied and spoke blessings over my family. I told her about how I wanted to be set free from spiritual bondage and pharmaceutical drugs. Gina agreed to counsel me.  That launched the trajectory of our lives. We went home praying about what the Lord had in store for us. In the first counseling session, Gina prayed for wisdom and the two of us came up with a plan. Over the next few months she shared in my burden of weaning off this antidepressant and a few other pharmaceutical medications. She also recommended Supermix (Moringa Oleifera) to help give my brain and body the proper nutrition as I was weaning from this medication.  Gina checked in with me regularly offering her support. By week 5 of counseling I was 100% Pharma-free and I started to “feel” again. I had all of these emotions and I had to learn how to control them and deal with them. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t feeling. . . for 10 years! Gina continued counseling and teaching me ways of addressing the roots of the spiritual, mental and emotional issues I have been experiencing.   Setting me free and binding up my past wounds. Allowing God to do the healing. I thought I was a person who would be on medication for the rest of my life as I was told by my Dr.  I believe that was a lie. Today I am pharma free for 5 months and taking Supermix everyday!  I have less migraines

September 20, 2021

My 65th birthday was quickly approaching and I knew I was at a crossroads.  My lifelong struggle with overeating and weight gain had resulted in my being overweight and experiencing hip pain which was hindering my ability to walk.   I had much trauma in my past and felt like there was still some additional healing needed.  I knew the weight issues were only symptoms of deeper problems I had been unable to resolve. The dreams, hopes and visions I had for my life had been so long in coming that I felt them fading away.  I was close to giving up but I prayed one life changing prayer.  I told God I needed someone to help me as I could not seem to help myself.  

I had the idea of finding a life coach who could help me lose weight, get my strength back and deal with the wrong thinking that always led me back to the same frustrating place.  I even interviewed someone and while I was in the decision making process I tuned into Monday Night Smack Down with Christopher McDonald and watched as he interviewed Gina Guy-Warren.  One thing Mr McDonald said jumped out at me.  He told Gina that she was not a counselor but a “prophetic deliverer”.  I knew that this is what I needed.  I decided that before I hired this other life coach I needed to make an appointment with Gina to see how she might be able to help me get to the root of my struggles.  I went on to Gina’s website, Truth N Love Ministries, and made an appointment.  We had a one hour Zoom call which changed my life.  During the course of our call Gina felt led to make an offer to me of one month of coaching.  To this point this was not something she had done.  She sent me a detailed outline of what she would provide for the month.  I was so afraid that at first I declined.  But I knew that this offer would not come again and I needed to move forward if I wanted to have the life God designed for me.  The cost was dear but in comparison to what the impact could be to the remainder of my life I knew I had to commit.  I immediately followed all of Gina’s instructions to me and we began a month of intensive coaching.  

Gina delivered on everything she promised.  She prayed for me, spent hours on Zoom calls with me and together we identified the areas of my soul needing to be healed.  My destiny became more clearly defined and she helped me transition into that destiny.   Gina was able to provide for me in a very short period of time the help that had evaded me even though I had had years of counseling, spent decades in church and read dozens of Christian books.   I now have renewed hope, improved health and a much clearer vision of my destiny.  Gina Guy-Warren has been the answer to my prayer for help.  


As a servant of the Lord, words won’t ever describe the fruits of joy and honor as I’ve witnessed year after year a true unbreakable spirit. I’ve had the honor to not only serve this ministry but grow and blossom from a young man at 22 to now 33 as God prepared me with the right tribe for a time and season that we are in right now. The world is drowning  before our very eyes. I’m urging many to realize there’s hope because I’ve witnessed no better lifeguards than the ones who truly serve the man who walks on water. Under this leadership, you will find no better leaders who have been battle-tested and know what it takes to walk down that narrow pathway. Matthew 7: 13-14.