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Welcome to Your Tribe! The Warren’s appreciate your partnership and desire to co-labor with them as they declare TRUTH in a “cancel culture” world where uncompromising voices are banned. Pure and uncontaminated TRUTH N LOVE  will always reveal and demolish evil. We declare a blessing over you, your families and everything you put your hands to do, in order to further the  Kingdom of Heaven. 


Joshua Chapters 1 & 2

 In the book of Joshua, Moses, the “peoples pastor” died and God called His warrior Joshua to the frontlines. The Lord told Joshua to be strong and courageous, because in order to acquire this new territory, giants would have to be eradicated. Joshua was therefore instructed to be obedient to the laws given to Moses, and to keep them on the forefront of his mind as he was deployed into battle on behalf of Israel.  Now pay close attention to what takes place next. Joshua addresses the leaders of certain tribes. “Pack your bags, you’re about to cross over and both territory and rest will be your portion. However, your wives, children and livestock (families and belongings) stay, but the fighting men, fully armed, are to march forward! Help your brothers UNTIL they too have taken possession of the land. AFTER THAT, you may go back and occupy your own land.” 

You see, warriors aren’t concerned with the opinions of others, or even how leaders before them operated, all they can focus on is the danger that lies ahead and that’s what fuels these warriors. However, they understand that in order for God’s people to acquire that land and all the abundance it holds, giants (evil) must first be faced head on. Joshua understood this new territory was bursting with abundance. Warriors grasp the importance of making sure those who can’t fight are placed in a secure situation, then they are to fight for them. Warriors are to help their “families” or “tribe” to acquire their land and blessings. AFTER THAT, meaning after their “partners” are taken care of, they will occupy their blessings.

The church structure has it all backwards. We are to go after that which has infiltrated the lives of our partners, take it down, and help them occupy what has been promised to them. In other words, we are to give, not take. Serve not to be served. In chapter 2 of Joshua, a statement is made to Rahab the prostitute who put her life on the line to protect these warriors. She explained her fears to Joshua and told him the “wind had been knocked out of her and the people are tired, depressed and hopeless.” Joshua made a promise to her. Not one filled with material blessings and empty vows, but this is what he promised her. “Our lives for yours!” Take note those who have been outcast, looked down upon and discounted, will be the very ones warriors will be deployed to!

This is the heart of the WARrens. Whatever it takes to rescue God’s people hurt and traumatized by life and religion.