Pastors Brian and Gina Guy-Warren of Truth N Love Ministries. Gina is a dynamic speaker with her own unique style and has authored two books. Brian Warren is a 2x MMA Fight Champion with over 60 professional fights, and together they defend, mobilize, train, and equip those who have

been hurt by life and religion. The WARren’s began broadcasting in 2014 through radio and television, combining both humor and truth. They became known as the “power couple,” inspiring many through their unique love story and marriage. Gina is a confidant and counselor to leaders and those active or retired in our military who suffer privately with PTSD, addiction, and mental health issues. Both Brian and Gina are active in Dignitary Executive Protection to high-profile clients as well as working in Intel & Anti-Human sex-trafficking.   They also incorporate The Word and the Workout, a unique fitness ministry bringing the church and gym together as one. Their Interactive Church, “Speaking TruthNLove With The WARren’s” is offered via zoom “Where your Voice is heard, Needs are met, Trust is Earned and Families United.” 

This power couple are outside of the corporate church box.

WhiteHouse-Courthouse- ChurchHouse. The WARren’s are Warriors operating at all 3 levels. God is cleaning all 3 Houses.

Gina’s messages can also be found on  and Videos on Rumble http://THEREALGINAGUYWARREN

Gina Guy-Warren is the founder of Truth N Love Ministries. She is an author and powerhouse speaker. She operates in the prophetic and has been declaring for many years “from the Whitehouse, Courthouse, Church house, God’s cleaning all 3 houses.” The schoolhouse will not be exempt either. Together with her husband, Brian Warren, MMA Fight Champion, they defend, mobilize, train, and equip those who have been hurt by life and religion. Gina is a confidant to many leaders who suffer privately with addiction and mental health issues and offers counseling in all areas.  Gina also founded The Word and the Workout, a unique fitness ministry bringing the church and gym together as one.  She has had the privilege to train some members of the Homeland Security Team in Riverside, California. Gina has recently authored a 30-day devotional book by the same name, “The Word and the Workout  Prophetic Insight into Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Fitness The Way of a Warrior” and “Tactical Journal.”  Gina has traveled throughout many countries in Africa preaching crusades to thousands.  She was Vice-President of an International Relief ministry where she preached and ran a health clinic in South Sudan. She was instrumental in the healing of the Congolese people in the wake of the devastating genocide between Rwanda/Congo, even founding a school in Congo where she implemented entrepreneur workshops for the widows and teachers. Gina is the mother of two daughters as well as Brian’s daughter. Gina and Brian currently reside in Tampa, Florida

Brian “Mr.Unbreakable” Warren is a pastor and 2x championship belt holder in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Industry with over 60 professional fights. His passion is restoring confidence and manhood to God’s men and raising up a generation of fatherless boys through conferences and training them both in and out of the gym. He offers executive protection for high profile clients as well as teaches self-defense courses and runs retreats and bootcamps for men’s groups. He is recognized as an inspirational speaker and an elite trainer to those fighting to take back their destinies. His book “Unbreakable Love The Brian Warren Story ” details his fight career and how focused anger, when losing custody of his daughter in a divorce, brought out the champion within him. “What if our focus has been off? We’ve been taught in church to magnify our strengths and gifts, when all along it’s our weaknesses and losses that have become our teachers,” says Brian.