Everybody Wants To Be A Fighter, Until They Get Punched In The Face

The title of this message may have triggered the reader. Are you the one that was triggered? If so, I was inspired to write the following just for you.

 Proverbs 1:5 “ let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.” 

I watched a partial interview with Mike Tyson on Tucker Carlson and the warrior within me was ignited. You all have heard the saying, “ Sit with a warrior and the conversation is different.” I can relate to this statement as my daily conversations with those I choose to take personal time with are filled with strategy, focus, discipline and all things surrounding Jesus. Indeed Exodus 15:3 runs through the veins of both myself and my husband. “The LORD is a warrior: the LORD is his name.” As proverbs declare, we all must add to our learning and get guidance from those who “know the ropes.” Although many may be quick to judge gleaning from a man who has lived out his mistakes publicly like Tyson, however, I know a real fighter when I see one, therefore, I opened my ears to understand the way of a warrior from one who has proven himself to be just that. Tyson made quite a few mic drop statements in this short clip, but that’s what happens when you listen to someone who has proven themselves within the arena of the wisdom being spoken. When he said, “Everybody wants to be a fighter, until they get punched in the face,” my thoughts immediately went to my husband. Now talk about conversations that have been private between the two of us, and make those conversations public, I am sure quite a large number of people would gasp for air, or even more so, pull out scripture as to why a warrior shouldn’t speak or act as one does. But isn’t this the way of the foolish who pretend they know what it takes to discipline the mind and the body for war? Tyson went on to explain his statement. “People talk a lot, they do it on YouTube, podcasts or wherever, but they have no idea what it’s like to get punched in the face.” I thought for a moment it was my husband on Tucker Carlson, minus his black skin and tattooed face. Those who have foolishly picked up the microphone have no idea what it’s like to pick up a boxing glove! In all seriousness, I never hear men speak like this outside of gleaning from Brian. I certainly don’t hear warrior talk from the pulpits of American preachers, podcasters or YouTube celebrities. In reality, if they do speak this way, they have zero experience in the ring of life, and both their words and their bodies reflect only anger, retribution and undisciplined bodies.  Their clothing is both Gluttony and Pride and their corner man is a religious spirit. Cornermen in a fighter’s ring not only apply pressure and dress the bleeding wounds so they can get back in the fight when the bell rings, but they also call out strategy as they can see the fight from an angle the fighter himself can’t see. Obviously, this is only a brief job description but you get the point! Yet people tune in to hear from these microphone warriors every day.  But today, something triggered within my spirit. The warrior within me triggered  The one who landed in South Sudan to fight for my Christian Brothers and sisters as they faced persecution and death from radical Muslims in Khartoum. The young girl who fought off her abusers then had to turn and fight those who were supposed to understand and protect her. Oh but the way of a warrior. 

Ecclesiastes: 8:8, “ No one can stop a battle in its tracks. No one who does evil can be saved by evil.” 

As I listened to Tyson explain how he became a successful fighter, I knew this interview was a ‘now’ word to the body of Christ. I felt it within every fiber of my being! Warriors understand the conversations of those who know how to fight. I mean not only in the supernatural, but how many really have experience fighting in the natural world? “This is not of God you may say, we must turn the other cheek and let God fight our battles.”  Oh you of little understanding filled with religious teachings! 

Read the Word of God and glean from warriors who fought the good fight of faith in both of these rings! Tyson then made a statement that gripped my spirit even more. As he was speaking of these pretend warriors behind the microphone, he made a profound statement. “ When you think you’re somebody, you will be easily offended. When you understand you’re nobody, you can’t be offended.” This reminded me of teachings I’ve shared regarding reactions. I taught on this very subject recently in my women’s online interactive Bible study. When we react to someone’s behavior or words, we are the only ones responsible for our response. When I spoke the words, “our reaction”, I immediately had revelation for myself and the women. “ You may have overreacted when someone accused you, but you can now RE-ACT. Meaning, God will give you a do-over. We can always change how we react from this point on. This is the mercy of our Lord.  Tyson went on to share “those on YouTube, podcasts and other platforms are not mature enough to handle criticism, and they will be destroyed. He explained how they had no training as fighters nor practiced any discipline and many lost their minds. They can’t handle the criticism that comes their way.”

“This is the point the Holy Spirit began giving me revelation for what’s to come for those who use their platforms to hurt and destroy others. I heard him say, “Their time is near. What they dished out upon you ( I understood this not only to mean myself personally, but others) will now come upon them. They are not warriors but cowards. Their platforms have been built up and set up into high places, and I am bringing those high places down.”  

Everybody’s brave behind a microphone or podcast until they see me, face-to-face. They won’t want to run into me on the streets. Trust me Gina, they will have to watch over their shoulders everyday. It’s not over.” This is a statement from my husband. The warrior who doesn’t react because if he does, he can go from 1-100 in seconds. Snowflakes will read that statement and disagree. That’s why they are snowflakes. One breath from the Father, and snowflakes that fall from the sky disappear. Ecclesiastes 10: 12-14, “ Words from the wise man’s mouth are gracious, but a fool is consumed by his own lips. At the beginning his words are folly: at the end they are wicked madness- and the fool multiplies words. No one knows what is coming-you can tell him what will happen after him?“ I think my husbands exact words are here!!! You must understand, as fighters, we are trained to think this way, but it is God who ordains our steps. Discipline and timing are the way of a warrior, not of a fool. 

Tyson and Brian share commonalities such as no father figures, poverty, and  dodging bullets while taking their mothers to get milk at the store. You see, dodging accusations and shots fired from those behind a microphone is child’s play for real warriors. These warriors were trained in the art of survival, street fighting and always kept their head on a swivel. Their lives depended upon this on a daily basis as well as those whom their loyalty rested. As the wise King Solomon stated in Ecclesiastes, you can’t stop a battle in its tracks if you are operating in evil. Evil can’t stop evil! However a trained and disciplined man or woman of God, holds more power than a microphone. 

I want to reiterate that I clearly heard this morning, “The high places are coming down and what they carelessly spoke forth will return upon their own heads.”

Disciplined fighters trust in God and clearly know the battles ultimately belongs to God. We glean from the Holy Bible which speaks louder than man’s opinions. “If a man is lazy, the rafters sag; if his hands are idle, the house leaks.” Ecclesiastes 10: 18.

The rafters ( internal beams from the peak of the roof constituting it’s framework) are about to crumble. This is when you will see the Lord’s hand move on your behalf and vindication executed by your Heavenly Father. When we come to the understanding that we are nothing and He is everything, you will see Justice because He is a God of Justice. This doesn’t mean warriors don’t fight! They have an innate gift from God to rescue and protect. Warriors will always have to search inward as each “jab, kick, punch and attempt to choke out” their lives and those they love, but never underestimate the experience of these warriors. 

I want to remind you, everything you have had to fight against all your life, will be the very areas of victory coming your way. Your training both in the natural and supernatural have prepared you. Isaiah said it best, “ The bloodstained boots and uniforms of a warrior from war will be fuel for the fire.” The battle has begun, and warriors have been disciplined and trained for this hour. Stop looking for the rapture because that’s for the undisciplined who can’t wait to leave the earth. It’s the trained warriors who are looking for the harvest of souls. They are ready to set the prisoners of religion, sex-trafficking, addiction and all things evil free! 

The harvest is ready, but the warriors are few. This is why we are launching Speaking TruthNLove With The WARrens Interactive Church in January. Time to hear from you! The trained warriors and those who desire to be trained! This is the final hour for America and for our children. Your time of being overlooked, misunderstood and isolated is over.

The Father has need of end-time warriors. 


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  1. Brian “MrUnbreakable” Warren Avatar
    Brian “MrUnbreakable” Warren

    Powerful 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Traci L Klune Avatar
    Traci L Klune

    This is so spot on and the timing is perfect. God is so good. Thank for being obedient! The church is so infiltrated, teaching believers not to fight but to just say the battle belongs to God. IT DOES But his hand will move us in this fight. If we will listen and be obedient. The entire bible is full of battles. Thank you for doing your part in waking up the church!

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