Confusion To Clarity: Leaders Invite Transgender/ Seducing Portals to Platforms

Gina Guy-WARren 12.13.2021

Let’s keep it real shall we? Anyone ever watch a broadcast, church service or worship program and wonder why no one on those platforms see what you see? Your favorite “rock stars” are on platforms with people you know are bound up, yet why do they not say anything? Why do they continue to flow in their streams even though it’s obvious the one next to them is confused, bound, and may I even say a plant! Yes, an infiltrator of evil. Nobody wants to say it, but we all see it. For fear of being called homophobic and a hater, we all bite our tongue and continue to sow our money or lift up holy hands while we know in our hearts something isn’t right! The person we are gleaning a “word from the Lord” looks and sounds like a man, or the worship leader singing praises to the Lord looks and sounds gay. Wait! We can’t speak this because we are to love everyone right were they are! Indeed. I am about to show you some real love! Get off the platform, remove yourself from the broadcast, get out of leadership and get your deliverance! Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? But where is a leader to get their help from when all the platforms are turning a blind eye and full of false profits?

The Father has me captivated by the revelation concerning gender confusion in the world. He has not ceased in bringing forth revelation as to why this gender, transgender, gay and simply put, confusing spirit has infiltrated. Because the Church opened the door and to date has not dealt with nor taken authority over it. They are both seduced and in awe for these are the ones who bring in all their viewers and finances!

Mathew 12: 25-30

Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? 27 And if I drive out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your people drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. 28 But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.

30 “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

Matthew 24:24

For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets that show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).

Why are the elect silent on this matter? Could it be they too are bound for what binds us we will be unable to recognize! I’ve heard some say that we should extend grace to those who were deceived and didn’t know. Correct! I extend grace to the sheep but I hold to account frontline leaders who cannot see you’ve let demons on your platforms because you have opened soul wounds all these years later. Deal with them NOW or the Lord will dismantle the “child” you’ve been incubating all these years for your are birthing step children, not spiritual children.

1 Corinthians 10:13.

” No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful, He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

The Church has been taken hostage and I ask you this question? Where are the Navy Seals of the Church who will risk their lives and reputations to save these POW’s. Temptation and sin has bound the elect! You better believe God has sent some to rescue them. We may not post it on social media for all to see, because it isn’t YOUR business to know, but to pray for those in leadership and authority. Not post and comment. Daily for the past week I’ve heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Tell them to focus on THEIR world, not THE WORLD.” What is He saying you ask? Don’t be a busy body about the things of the world when your own world is out of order. Your family, body, marriage, children, health or mind!

I tell you this day, without a shadow of a doubt, the devil has been granted permission to come after you and your children because these portals were opened in the past or are still being opened through their phones, youtube, snapchat, Tell A Vision, and by you sweet parent because you turn on these soothsayers in your home and listen to them daily from these platforms. Matthew 12:29 is clear, “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.

We must call out them out by name and bind them up! I will be doing this via all my broadcasts! I declare to you

But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.


The Spirit of the Lord would say today, 

“Considering transgender birthed platforms! I’m about to take your first born! You’ve birthed your ministry and have guarded and protected it year upon year, decade upon decade score upon score. You’ve added another notch to the bed in which you lay, yet I’m now, again I say now, pulling the covers off your nakedness.  Who bewitched you? You’ve not only embraced  Jezebel, but you invited her onto your platforms. Those who say they are called by my name, can’t even recognize Jezebel has changed forms before your eyes. Gender confusion you say has infiltrated your homes and your children. Why? How did the thief  enter into your homes and of  my blood bought church? Because my priests have defiled the altar. They desired prestige, power and popularity, and in doing so, your hearts grew cold! Because you lost your identity in my Son and transferred it to man, the body of Christ has lost their identity. You mock the transgender people when you have not asked yourself how this confusion and evil infiltrated. I say it began at your altars! Among your own you have wolves among you. Because you entertain and interview them, they’ve entered the portals of the homes of my children! I will hold you in contempt of my courts! Heaven is about to kick you out!  I’ve  sent messengers yet you deny their attempts to turn you from the deception. Why? They didn’t come in the package or clicks you expect! You cannot identify them because they don’t fit your narrative. You mock the narratives the world has embraced, yet the Word of God is the only narrative you must declare. Why have you turned to other idols? Why have you embraced the eulogies of others you call prayers? Evil generation. I hold into account my Priests! As a merciful Father; I’ve admonished you privately, I sent messenger after messenger, yet you continue to embrace Jezebel who has taken on many forms! Few are preaching the gospel of My kingdom! Opinions. Opinions  opinions yet my Word is void from your lips! You call out false prophets yet false teaching is going forth. You teach from your soul, operate from your soul because you have not desired inner healing. You have guarded  your first born and from there put a price on raising up more children! You have trafficked my family from the pulpits of your man made churches. It’s over! I’m exposing all who are handlers and prostitutes. This mass exposure will break the chains off the innocent. I’m the Bride of Restoration and as I remove the infiltrates from the eyes of my people, they will see me clearly once again! 

( I struggled with the word, ‘I’m about to take your first born.” I will not attempt to interpret God’s word spoken through me, but I will state 1 Samuel 2:22 comes to mind when I wrested with this word. “Now Eli, (A priest) who was very old heard about everything his sons were doing to all of Israel and how they slept with the woman who served at the entrance of the tent meeting. His sons didn’t listen to their father’s rebuke, and it was the Lord’s will they be put to death. Selah


8 responses to “Confusion To Clarity: Leaders Invite Transgender/ Seducing Portals to Platforms”

  1. Ruth Humphrey Avatar
    Ruth Humphrey

    Gina Guy Warren this is a true and powerful word. So much talk about false prophets but we forget there is one way to tell. Study the real! Isn’t that what we are told? When a true prophet speaks there is a different weight and value to the words. It is of the Spirit of God, not man’s spirit or a false spirit. It is rooted in the Word of God, not today’s headlines. The fear of the Lord is felt. We have been deceived by so many false prophets that when a real prophet comes along it’s almost uncomfortable. Who wants to eat their vegetables when they prefer the dessert table? It’s imperative we go deeper and seek only the true Word of the Lord, not “feel good” words which make us happy. Time to cry out for truth and abandon our comfortable deceptions. Thank you for paying the price and giving us the truth.

    1. Gina Guy-WARren Avatar
      Gina Guy-WARren

      Precious one! You’re on the right track now! Get ready!

  2. Thank you Gina.
    I have distanced myself from family due to this. I refused to acknowledge an unholy union.
    I have also rid my home of demonic movies (children movies are the worst)
    This has put distance between my Kids and Grand babies and I.
    I am saved but still awkward and new. Reprogramming from a guilt filled religion is sometimes a minute by minute process.
    But God! But God always bring something new and beautiful out of the old. It was this religion that kicked me out that made me seek the truth of Jesus Christ. And lead me to our church. To be prayed over by you!
    Glory to God for leading me on this journey of the Truth.

  3. Wow… my child & I have our daily Bible reading & child chose by the Hand of God read from Jeremiah 14 & today is the 14th…😳

  4. I’ve lost many friends over this. I will not compromise on this issue. My own brother-in-law from my first marriage left his wife and 3 YOUNG children for a man. He started going to church and invited us to his ‘baptism’. I declined and was honest as to why. The spirit of confusion attacking our children and society is disgusting!

  5. Can you please clarify evidence of accusations. I have the Holy Spirit and do not see what you are seeing and before accusing anyone we need proof sometimes. It’s very dangerous to accuse a child of God. And new Christians sometimes do not have the discernment that older Christians in the faith have, so names need to start being named as to who is transgender and all the other stuff, not just accusations! Thank You and God Bless!

    1. Gina Guy-WARren Avatar
      Gina Guy-WARren

      Thank you so much precious one for writing. You’re asking for evidence of accusation? I don’t believe anybody was accused. The father is clear that seducing and transgender spirits have hit the platforms. So I don’t know why you’re asking for names. But definitely you’re going to see the exposures and as the prophetic word states, the covers are about to come off. The seducing spirits are throughout the church. This is why the youth of the nation have been affected. God bless you and thank you so much for visiting the website. May the Lord bless you and your family

      1. It’s just that I heard you on Chris McDonald’s show saying that you wouldn’t be on an Elisha’s List flier with Amanda Grace as you were talking about the transgender issue. So I took that as you insinuating she was transgender🤷🏻‍♀️ It gets confusing when you say a name and don’t say why you don’t like her. That’s what I was wondering. Thank you for answering because I cannot get any answers from Chris, or Mark Taylor as their comment sections are off. Trust me, I only want Gods Will in my life. He’s my best friend. I’m just torn over all of this and need the truth. I do not feel anything bad in my Spirit when I watch Amanda. Is my discernment that off?
        Thank you!

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